The planets don’t to anything to you.
You live in a cooperation with the Cosmos.
When the planets make a move, you feel it.
When you make a move, the planets reflect that in the heavens
by way of aspects and angles in your chart…
The Planets simply mirror YOUR Choices.

Be Empowered!


July 2022 Mini FORECAST

Sun & Mercury in Cancer echoes individual, collective perceptions regarding nurturing, policing, financing goals.

Sun Sign is your theme. Rising Sign equals wealth, health, passion and purpose. Read both for true results. 


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Home, family, four walls. Who are you now that life is different, and you’ve changed?

Are the kids (pets) leaving the nest? Nurture self.

Be at home to organize budgets for repairs, make-overs, self-investment.

Mom issues might arise.



Writing and speaking begin with perceptions.

Start with a more feminine or encouraging approach toward cultivating a tribe, family-oriented group (class) or topic on which to address.

Women, children, writing, finances top the list.


Venus in Gemini is like having magnetic attraction mist around you, intoxicating others with your charm.

Apply that magic to sources of income and what you truly value most about yourself, and how you can contribute (and get paid for it)!

Progress. Yay.


Independence and autonomy are on your agenda.

With the Moon, your muse, joining with depth-charging Pluto, feels like you’ve reached your threshold with specific partnerships.

Cards on the table. Watch snarky responses.

Even silent judgments undermine your vibes. Meditate.


Counseling, healing, psychology, and extra self-care help you rejuvenate even when you don’t think you need it.

Your psyche is about to reveal a deep-seated issue that’s plagued you for years.

Shh. Be still. Listen. Heal.


Weigh the value of working with certain groups or friends.

Maybe things started out great (or uncertain), but now?

Be present for next steps regarding care, cash.


Career’s under a big spotlight.

What’s the most valuable thing about what you do, and with whom?

Insurance, taxes, financial planning, collaborative efforts (even sex) need attention.


Contracts, higher education, publishing, legalities, marketing, and travel mix to help you manifest that dream, affordably, and with specific partners.


Financial investments with others, estate planning, insurance matters, and diving into spirituality and sexuality.

What do you need, but don’t ask for? What do you ask for but don’t get?

Heal the contradiction with honesty across the board.



Best way to support your partnerships?

Be clear, succinct, reasonable, kind, and have extra boundaries with spouse, biz partner, high-end clients.

Know what you will and won’t abide



Children, sensitivity, empathy, work, pets all converge into you either feeling drained or supercharged.

Or a work advancement issue (promoted or demoted). Depends on your attitude.

Care, but not at the sake of self!


Family time! Pregnant? About to be a grandparent? Teaching a class?

Play, have fun, then when the kids are snoozing, (or on vacation), make time for creative and romantic moments that are long overdue.

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