May 15 to July 7, 2025 FORECAST

2025? Is that a typo? Nope.

Uranus (you’re on us) travels through the Taurus Constellation for 7 years.


Uranus (you’re on us) symbolizes the area of your life that needs freedom, where you need to break up the patterns that have left you limited.

Imagine parts of your soul’s agenda concealed within a seed, deep inside your awareness.

Uranus is the part of you that busts through the soil, reaching upward, looking for freedom of self-expression, rebelling against the norm, the restraints of polite society or what’s expected.

Why? Because ultimately you have something unique to contribute to this planet. That’s why you’ve come.

The endless string of unconscious (or even conscious) thoughts that say, “I’m not enough,” are emerging so you can evaluate what you’ve been creating with your vibe!

Are you enough? Yes!

Alter your brainwaves and you alter your physical reality.

So here comes Uranus, moving into the Taurus constellation to REPRESENT your need to wake up on some level.

It takes Uranus about 7 years to travel through each constellation.

During the initial phase where Uranus changes signs, (May through October 2018) you might start to feel restless, as if something is missing or askew.

You might suddenly act out, feel rebellious, or suddenly see a door in your life that you’ve never noticed before.

The hallmarks of the next 7 years are this: Utilize technology, higher vibrational healing methods, the latest scientific findings, humanitarian efforts, metal, electricity, wind, water, astrology, astronomy, time, space, and couple them with your need to find value in what frees you from emotional, physical, intellectual limitations.

Where does this door lead? Freedom. Humanitarian efforts. Values. Unique self-expression.

This is the beginning of a 7 year journey of Uranus in Taurus.

Your Sun Sign is your theme.
Your Rising Sign is your daily wealth, health, passion, and purpose.

Read both for true results.


For the next 7 years, Uranus shines a light on your Finances, Self-Worth, and the examination of Values regarding income.

Taking on new or exciting projects that lead to more stable finances is where your freedom lies. It may not always feel great, but you’re motivated to keep going.

Uranus just spent 7 years in your own sign (or Rising sign) so it’s nothing new really.

What does feel refreshing are sudden, innovative ideas that spring up when you least expect them to… in the shower, while making love, while taking out the garbage…

But mostly when you’re using TECHNOLOGY… or reading astrology… or researching the latest trend in bitcoin or electronic investments.

Invest more cash and time into technology that helps you to express artistically. From writing to taking dance workshops, as you free your artistic expression and eye for beauty, the ideas will flow on how to harness that energy to make more cash.

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Okay. We all know that you don’t like to change.

You don’t like surprises (okay, maybe ‘good ones’) but you certainly don’t abide ‘sudden’ anything.

When Uranus transits through your sign (or Rising sign), for the next 7 years, expect your body to undergo transition.

In the metaphysical world it’s called ‘transmutation’… eeew… is that like alien science-fiction?

Transmutation is when a biological thing becomes it’s next highest self. That means you, babee.

Body, hormones, thyroid, para thyroid self expression… is the gist of it.

The need to break free from past constraints is strong, too. You might suddenly, abruptly say, “Hey! I gotta get outta here and go to Europe to find myself.”

Using music, dance, art, and vocal exercises to formulate or express higher concepts will support your transition.

Making declarations formerly brewing in your unconscious, but now sounding obtuse or sudden won’t help your cause so when you get the urge to shout… close mouth… think it through… then act.

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As Uranus enters Taurus on the 15th, you’ll suddenly feel like you’re crazy…

or have all the answers…

or both.

Your psyche, breaking ingrained patterns/habits, and finding Divinity, oh, also altering beliefs is high atop your list in the next 7 years.

Of course you’re up to the challenge. You’ll look at why you’re compelled to do or say certain things.

You might find psychological counseling, alternative forms of counseling or treatments life enriching.

You could take an interest in astrology and want to teach it. You might also examine society as a whole, in order to understand yourself even more.

As you examine alternative healing methods or belief systems, you might just find a new religion or spiritual awakening.

Welcome to the metaphysical world. Watch your step. The first one is a doosie.

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Uranus will move out of Aries and into the Taurus constellation on May 15, but you’re already feeling it.

In a nutshell… friends, groups, associates, leadership with new expectations, forming new alliances more in line with your values, letting go of the old ways of learning or problem-solving consume your time and energy.

The bar is set high. You might feel like you’ve been suddenly thrown into a race of time vs. matter.

You’ll need to decide what matters most and how you wish to spend your time to make the most of this whirlwind phase.

Magnetizing sudden experiences that show you what else is possible with your talents feels exciting. But adopting the ‘shiny penny’ syndrome won’t help you.

When a new gadget, person, idea, strategy enters your stratosphere, take it for ride. Get to know it. Invest your time, energy, and money into the possibilities of this new ‘thing’ before committing or before trying another new thing.

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Uranus in Taurus puts an edge on or a wedge into your career and life direction.

Your status suddenly makes a right or left turn based on your past expertise and the new information that springs up unexpectedly. 

New levels of authority or experiences with experts show you what you do know… and what you don’t. Sometimes that’ll feel like an ouchie… sometimes you’ll become impatient with ‘getting there’ already.

But you’ve heard it before… life is about the journey. And you’re thinking, ‘To HELL with the journey. I need to see results now!”

This is a terrific phase (over the next 7 years) to digest your own talents and then either adopt new ones (dance, technology, arts/entertainment) or hire others for THEIR talents.

You are the director of your life… and possibly the director of others’ lives, too. But do remember to carve out your own niche… this is where you’ll shine the most during this eclectic phase.

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As Uranus travels through another friendly earth sign (earth signs are: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), you start to feel more enthusiastic about learning and teaching.

You might suddenly want to overhaul your core beliefs—religious, political, spiritual—or at least reexamine what you truly believe at this point. You’ve been through a lot these past 7 years when Uranus was in Aries…

You’ve had to let go of your expectations in a hard, or tough-love kind of way. Things didn’t pan out and left you wondering where your Cosmic support is… or what it is.

Everyone encounters difficulties, but yours go to core a bit deeper sometimes.

You’ve had wonderful experiences in the past 7 years, too.

Encounters with wealth, Divine alliances, sexual highs, spiritual ah-has…

Now let’s look forward to more opportunities to travel or alter your biz practices with higher-minded contracts. To incorporate more technology or higher concepts into your work.

You might use the arts, entertainment, dance, spirituality and combine them all together to redesign the new you.

Your values will certainly mature in the next 7 years. Cultural experiences take you to new awarenesses, too.

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As Uranus moves into Taurus, it might feel like a trajectory toward your financial future.

Any elders in the family (or in-laws) could suddenly leave the planet, so encourage estate planning whenever possible.

This is a time to get legalities in order… insurance matters, name changes, negotiating the best rates for credit cards and actually becoming more financially aware for the long haul.

When, where, how can you and your biz partner or spouse or financial planner get together and make an actual Living Trust, Will, budget, and overall investment plan?

As you move toward financial freedom and build for the future, you realize that you do have a legacy. No, it doesn’t have to mean millions in the bank (but start now… Einstein said it best, ‘Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world.’)

You can also come to grips with the death or transitioning process. Develop a relationship to your sensual self, your sexual self, to connect to Spirit and bring your body, mind, spirit together for harmony.

If you do have a spouse or long-term biz partner, you’ll see a bump in their professional status, personal identity, and income. 


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I think of all the signs, you’ll see and experience the transition of Uranus into Taurus the most. Again, not that the planet is doing anything to you.

But rather, your need to have life revealed with partners becomes apparent… and transparent.

Unexpected role reversal with partners (biz or lovers), or possibly a marital renewal (agenda, vows, expectations).

This applies to biz partnerships and high-end clients, too. It might be time to have different, more appropriate standards for how you interact with clients. 

Single folks meet potential mates, but not a great idea to marry during this phase… it’s like grabbing onto a motorcycle as it zooms through town. Can be tricky, a bit dangerous, but yes, oh so exciting. Be rational if you suddenly get the urge to GET MARRIED NOW or to DO BUSINESS WITH THIS PERSON IMMEDIATELY.

Sudden urges with partners will lead to dramatic endings or reversals, so be advised.

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Uranus in Taurus already has a mirror up to your face.

First… NO SPEEDING on the road or through life.

You will suffer abrupt consequences: “Oh, ah, sorry officer, didn’t see those kids in the crossing zone”…

or “But doctor, you said I could have sugar and alcohol, right? Ohh, you meant once a month… not 18 cups a day.”

This 7 year phase is for your health’s sake, for Pete’s sake. (WHO the heck is Pete anyway?) So now’s the time to get with the vibrational healing methods, alternative techniques, coupled with allopathic, naturopathic, brain entrainment, and traditional.

Areas most affected are thyroid, ankles, thighs, endocrine system. Key: use technology to find your health and work solutions.

With this vibe over the next 7 years, you’ll be guided to specialists, experts, energy workers, scientific data and then be charged with putting the pieces together for YOUR body… what works for you.

Unique opportunities to alter biz practices, effect political change for community, and to break old habits with health are the most predominant areas of this Uranus in Taurus focus.

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I think of all the signs, this is a really fun placement for Uranus in Taurus.

The focus is on romance–sudden and exciting–and on creative, problem-solving solutions. Children or grandchildren factor in, too.

The next 7 years feels like a supportive hand on your back, guiding you toward unusual solutions or experiments with your creative expression.

Couple this pure creation vibe with an end goal in mind. Use writing, computers, technology for research, music, art, and combine different methods or technologies to achieve your specific objective.

You might suddenly decide to take singing lessons or creative writing classes. The urge to have sex in uncommon places or at unusual times could overtake you, too.

If you’re single, the next 7 years might usher in a very unexpected adventure that could turn into something more. If married or attached, this is the time when you two spice it up to rekindle affections.

Your children could suddenly make great strides in life or with their own marital status or creative expression.

Want to write or create a viable product for cash? This is the time-frame to get’-er-done. Online courses are highlighted, too.

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Uranus is your sign’s (or Rising sign’s) celestial guide. That it’s moving into yet another ‘fixed’ sign (Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo are fixed signs… loyal, creative, stubborn, resistant to change) gives you more momentum to make those life altering decisions.

Taurus represents VALUES and ARTISTRY…

You might find that the next 7 years help you to have an identity overhaul.

Any childhood or teenage traumas, experiences, or wounds that once limited you, can now be worked out on a new level.

Focus your attention on releasing who you were through higher technology, neuron brain entrainment work (My Bodhi Brainstorm, Theta wave or Binural beats with headphones helps!)… to rewire your own thoughts and electricity.

Music, art, setting up a home environment that feels like your own personal sanctuary, helps too.

Too many times people (fixed signs or not) attach to what was… “I used to hate spiders. I used to hate spiders. I used to hate spiders.”

Okay, maybe you did. But programming yourself to hate spiders might not be your current reality.

Ask yourself what recurring phrases you use that need reevaluation… VALUATION… Values. In order to alter how the outside world interacts with you, you must alter your inside world.

Real estate matters: buying, selling, renovation, reflects your inner changes. You may move at least once during this phase, but the likely-hood is that you’ll do a lot of growing, changing, moving inside and out in the next 7 years.

You’ll let go of emulating mother in order to form new patterns of a truer identity and self expression. Or you might follow in mom’s footsteps and find your version of that path. Taking on positive traits is excellent, but it’s okay to release what no longer serves!

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Uranus in Taurus in your 3rd house is like a jolt of lightening to your brain.

Using technology to help you alter brain waves: Theta Waves, Binural Beats, Isochronic tones, Chanting are the first things that come to mind.

Then come… words, learning, teaching, formulating new opinions based on physical experiences that erase past wounds are profound.

Your freedom comes with creating a value system through the arts, writing, speaking, astrology, science, researching latest publications on publishing, authoring, humanitarian efforts in education (fundraising, setting up scholarships), and practical applications of spiritual concepts.

But first you might need to actually study these topics or how to use brain entrainment to alter those negative, stubborn thoughts that keep you going in circles. That have kept you stuck.

Imagine being on stage. The audience is filling the room. The lights are on you so you cannot see them, but you can hear them. They’ve come to see and hear you.

What’s your topic? What’s been on your mind for the past… forever?

The ‘thing’ you want to talk about is where you can find freedom…

UNLESS you’re only wanting to be an armchair ref or politician. Complaining about what doesn’t work will not get you where you want to go.

It’s time to harness your opinions, creative expression, personal talents, specific know-how, and make an even greater contribution to the world through words, writing, education, and charitable means.

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