The planets don’t to anything to you.
You’re a Celestial, Eternal, Sentient Being and live in a cooperation with the Cosmos.
When the planets make a move, you feel it.
When you make a move, the planets reflect that in the heavens
by way of aspects and angles in your chart…
The Planets simply mirror YOUR Choices.

Be Empowered.

January 2023 Mini Forecast
Capricorn Sun (steadfast focus) alongside Pluto (core transformation via facing fears) to Jan 20th, when Sun enters Aquarius. Cosmic Co-mingling as Pluto enters Aquarius for a brief stint (reflecting your need for freedom in a specific area of your life… see where Aquarius is in your chart). This period is from March 23 to June 11, 2023 showing you your new directions. Empowering? Healing? Sure, if you’ll allow! If not, more liberating purges to come June, 2023 to January, 2024!

Sun Sign is your Theme. Rising Sign (aka Ascendant and who you’re ‘ascending’ to become) equals wealth, health,
passion, purpose. Read both Sun and Rising Sign for truer results.


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Through May 16, Jupiter’s in Aries—symbolizing expansion via higher learning, publishing, travel, cultural/food topics, religion, spirituality, marketing, legal matters—and also mirrors extremes.

There’s more than one way to get from points A to B. Career, life direction adds to mix.



Ponder your worth, charge for it, then rework strategies.

Consider the value you give and how it feels to be seen as an authority (career, bake sale, art show or volunteering).

Thoughts become matter. Say ‘yes’ but mean ‘no’ and get wishy-washy results.


Through March 25, Mars in Gemini reflects your speedy, overthinking momentum. Puh-lease give equal time to body and mind so your Spirit can direct you.

Saves frustration, exhaustion.

Big topics? Joint resources, cash, sex, death, rebirth, taxes, insurance, spousal income, estate planning, stingy energy, boundaries.

Remember, you’re the magnet for everything in your world.


Partners (spouse, high-end clients, vendors, biz associates) help you dig deep to actualize a goal.

Naysayers? Stand strong as contracts, potentials rearrange to align with your vibe.

Sudden departure of those no longer resonating your aims.


Take care of mind, body. Get allopathic, homeopathic, naturopathic perspectives.

Fear debilitates, keep imagination in check.

That said, work that you’ve done for…ever might feel taxing.

New approach? Conciliation? Do it for the cash?

Spin that and talk to others with positive attitudes about biz ops.


Don’t mean to throw a wet blanket on fun with lover, creative projects, or playtime with kids, but let’s address the white elephant.

What hasn’t been healed previously is now seeking attention. What is, isn’t what will be, so feel what you feel, then bridge that grief by devising and feeling a scenario for an expansive tomorrow


Home improvements never ending? You said, he said, they said. Inhale. Exhale.

Ask questions, never assume! Automatically veering toward negative thoughts instead of compassionate ones?

Play a bit, work a bit. Find harmony in connecting gaps.

Wholeness. Who knew it could feel so peaceful?


If you come from the perspective or belief that created limiting situations, how then will you find solutions without altering those beliefs?

Ask for outside opinions (not just those who agree with you). Read. Research. Ask for help.

Stretch your mind to break free of closed-loops. Big ‘ah-ha’s ensure.


Revisit income streams, budgets. Not from a negative place, but rather a methodical place.

If an investment of time, energy, cash equals a relied upon outcome (regardless of how long it might take) stick with it.

Adjust your ‘values list’ to include wellbeing, uncommon or vibrational health solutions.




Major growth finish line feels like an optical illusion. You’re almost at that pivotal point so rest (key) assured (mindset), and your body mind connection strengthens.

Bones, teeth, skin, hormones, reproductive areas, knees, joints all need your loving attention.



Pressure builds like weighted guilt, fear, hormones. Whelmed? Of course seek help.

Know that past patterns are currently activated neurons in your brain, replaying trauma or fear.

Your biology doesn’t run the show. Your consciousness does!

Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Abraham Hicks collective offer insights.


Reflect daily. Create space. Allow answers to come from expected, unexpected sources.

Alone time! Delegate.

Orchestrate effortless flow instead of a people tsunami! Not your circus, not your monkeys (Polish proverb.)

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