MERCURY in Retrograde in Sagittarius…

Judgments. Truth Seeking.

December 2 to 22, 2017.

Mercury in Retrograde (as with all retrograde planetary cycles) has a pre-phase
that begins approximately two weeks prior and post the actual dates. Add that time frame into your planning and rebooting of technology.
Above all, remember that the past returns in any retrograde, seeking Review, Renegotiation, Renewal or Release.
This applies to ideas, ex lovers, old contracts, repetitive patterns and limiting emotions or ailments, and your purpose in life.


Your Sun Sign is your theme.
Your Rising Sign is your daily wealth, health, passion, and purpose.
Read both for true results.


This might be the time to review what you truly believe. Is it working for you? Are you sure? You’ll revisit contracts, travel arrangements, possibly some educational resources (giving or taking classes?), and you might need to be extra careful when signing contracts.

Stand back. Get the bigger picture. What’s true for you? If you’re only using your head and thoughts to answer that question, then it’s also time to get expert help or opinions. The point being, you may not know the options, but think you do. 

The topics for this retrograde bring back past decisions, beliefs, and actions around legal contracts, (or pending ones), your role in situations (this pertains to your philosophy and what you truly believe), and foreign matters (people, travel, new ‘languages’… could also be the language of computers, math, science, anatomy, publishing. 

Oh, speaking of publishing… Have you written? Painted? Photographed the world according to you? Maybe it’s gallery time?


Be aware of your spending limits. Also of feeling limited because of money, lack of it, or your own inherent belief that you’re not worthy of abundance. This retrograde could be so healing for you if you pay attention. Keep track of assets, income, expenditures, insurance matters, and any jointly held resources.

No need to stress about ‘not having’ or what happened to that penny when the accounts don’t add up, but protect yourself by changing passwords AFTER the retrograde is well over in mid January.

This isn’t a negative or positive phase. But it is one that brings you to an awareness of how to make more money… classes? Budgeting? Creating products? 

And then how to invest that money… Self Directed IRA accounts? Real Estate? Money Markets? 

Spend or boost your credit rating… Insurance? Consolidate debt? Cut up credit cards in lieu of Debit cards? Secured Loan? The biggest aspect of this retrograde brings up your feelings of worth and what you’d like to do about it alongside family planning and elder estate matters. Before signing off on inheritance, go over all data with a pro.


Coming Soon!



There’s a changing of the guards in a lot of ways either with spouses, lovers, business partners, clients, fans, or dare I say it… former contemporaries who are now adversaries. (Just keep in mind that Donald Trump is a Gemini… hm.) So… what do you want with partners? Maybe you just… want one?

If you’re solo, practice an exercise where you list in one column the qualifications and qualities of your Ideal Mate or Business Partner. Then in the next column, list yours. Wherever you two differ, put your attention on that quality or qualification they have, but you don’t. The more you can resonate a similar frequency to your potential lover or biz partner, the faster you manifest.

If you have partners, this this is the time to listen to what’s going on. You may be quick to rationalize each other’s behaviors, but allow the Mercury in Retrograde to work its magic. FEEL what’s being said. INTUIT your next steps. Remember that your Celestial Guide is Mercury. And also remember that the planets aren’t doing anything to you! But you are living in a cosmic cooperation. Seek resolution.





There may be some hitches on the job. Perhaps a former client calls wanting you to make changes to an already finished job. You’ll need to use your common sense of course, and healthy boundaries, but watch extremes. No clouting the air with profanities. You might have told them to give you a call if they needed anything. Maybe they interpreted that as… “I’m here for free anytime you need me.”

See what I’m saying? It’s also a month to check in with your health or health related matters. How are your bones, skin, teeth, hips, joints, and knees? Okay? Great, then where might you use advanced techniques in health or related to public service or politics to help your community FEEL BETTER?

Throughout the month, you’ll be touted as the authority, then challenged by other authorities (no speeding on the road!) or perhaps needing to work with unexpected authorities. Lots of learning this month on the job or by the seat of your pants.

Remember to not make promises or overextend. When you make a promise in a Mercury retrograde, be sure to fulfill it before month’s end when Mercury goes direct.


This is going to be an interesting month for you, your lover, your family, and your creative projects. Discovering truth in life can sometimes mean that you have to listen to what others say and stop trying to defend yourself. You’re sensitive, yes, but you also hate to be wrong. So if a truth is revealed about your parenting style, or romantic motives, or creative endeavors… listen.

Perhaps the emotional reaction you have tells you something. Focus on your reaction or response instead of defenses. Now… when it comes to helping your lover or children, you’re going to have long chats about what’s possible. Maybe you’re wanting a child or your child is soon to make you a grandparent!

As your role changes and as you field judgments about what’s happening, remember to be positive and keep an open mind. There’s going to be a lot of revelations this month as you attempt to get your needs met and meet the needs of others equally. Breathe.




It’s time to refresh your home environment. Spruce up the place perhaps using Feng Shui or adding more eclectic or serene themes. Retrograde in your 4th house is all about discovering more of who you are, and what you want. This can bring up mother issues (about what you didn’t get when you were a child) or perhaps the role you play as you mother someone (maybe mom is old and needing your help).

Perhaps you are the mom and feel left out or over burdened with having to do it all. Okay. This is the truth month… pay attention to who sets up these kinds of relationships in your house. You are the magnet for everything in your life.

Even when you choose not to make a decision, you’ve already made a choice. Because your Celestial Guide is Mercury, these truths that are presented can feel so profound or revolutionary that you start to have back to back realizations about you, your childhood, being a parent, or with real estate and/or renovations.

I wouldn’t actually knock down any walls during December or buy major appliances or that off shade of pink… When the Mercury in Retrograde is over, early January will be a safer, more realistic assessment of all of the above.



Be oh, so careful of making promises or creating impossible deadlines. Mercury is in Retrograde in your 3rd house of Communication. This isn’t about talking… not yet anyway. This is about what you know, believe, tout, and how you formulate synapses based on what you think you know. Check all facts and figures. Don’t assume. Don’t assume.

Did I mention not to assume? If someone says, “Tomato.” You might actually hear, “Tornado!” and evacuate the building. Listen. Ask people to repeat what they’ve said. Ask siblings and friends to clarify what they mean.

Ya’ know… when you assume, you make an Ass out of U and Me. cute. Okay, now that the warnings are out of the way, this is going to be one of your most creative months in a long time.

Get lost in what gives you joy. Stop judging the outcome or the process or telling yourself that you ‘can’t’ do something because it ‘didn’t work last time’ or because ‘you’ve never done it.’ You have a wonderful opportunity to ingratiate an elder, mentor, teacher, or be seen as an authority in your field.

Oh, and what you promise in a retrograde needs to be fulfilled or it will drag on and follow you to… next year! Best to tell folks that you’ll get back to them and then pause… think about what you want and what they’re asking. Be clear!


You are on FI-YA. Mars and Jupiter are in Scorpio, giving you the impulses to act (sometimes before thinking), and to make declarations that you might want to retract in 6 months. Okay, you’re a go-getter. Now let’s add Mercury in Retrograde to the mix and these declarations could cost you cash in the next few months. Oh, did that get your attention?

Go after what gives you joy. But it must reflect your truth or you’ll have regrets in future Retrogrades. Deep breaths. Where are you the authority in life, with work, family, business, ideas? How would you like to be seen, represented, understood? You have a terrific talent for seeing what others cannot. This makes you invaluable. Charge what you’re worth. Then contemplate terms.

Are you gearing for a new project or retirement? Any financial investments must reflect your values and your truth. I’d hold off investing in anything major until January, 2018.



 Sun, Venus, Saturn, and now Mercury in Retrograde all in your sign (or Rising sign) of Sagittarius. The truth will set you free. Ever heard that? I don’t often make biblical quotes, but this one applies to you right now. 

Who’s the authority in your life? Who set that up? How you would you like to proceed with what your ideals are, what makes you happy? I’d like to make sure that you’re getting what you need physically… especially for your hips, knees, joints, liver, sciatic nerve, fluid retention, gout, too.

Take extra good care of yourself now as you develop a stronger sense of your own needs. You may question who you are right now and what you want from life, but this is part of your process… to Search… and it motivates you in ways you might not be otherwise. Indecision might thwart your progress, unless you were born in a Mercury in Retrograde.

It’s okay not to make formal declarations right now. Ponder your role, your talents, and where you’d like to put your all in the upcoming months. Do be careful of over-indulgences!




Your bones might be hurting (or teeth, joints, knees or stomach) so pay attention to your body’s needs. This Mercury in Retrograde is shining a light on your creaky self…and the parts of you that refuse help, shy from support, and don’t love the self. You’re going to have major thoughts about how you’d like to proceed in life. So go slow during this month’s process. You might feel ill or overwhelmed. You might need expert advice on emotions and behavior or spirituality.

Might I recommend Emotional Freedom Technique? Neuro-emotional Technique? Counseling? Chiropractic? Energy work? Massages? Or any other method that you feel will help you to get to the bottom of the issue… the core of the matter. You. And why you shy from _________ (fill in the blank… relationship, sex, truth, setting boundaries, asking for help, diving into your joy, allowing yourself to have…).

This is the perfect month to do this kind of inner work to release the guilt, sadness, regret, limitations that have kept you in stasis with either romance, career, cash, health and wellness, and your purpose.

You can do it! I have complete faith in you. There ya go. You’re not alone!



Let’s take a really close look at your acquaintances, friends, associates, and family members. You’re in a crucial month of evolution. Some of your allies are about to withstand the test of time and distance. Maybe those friends you had last year, before you moved or changed jobs are still in touch and give to you as much as they get from you. Maybe not.

There will be many subtle differences in how you relate to others and with whom you group now. It’s part of life, no escaping it for sure. Then there will be folks you meet or already know that offer up their support to you and you feel awkward taking it. Ah, the Mercury in Retrograde lesson du jour. There must be harmony in your relationships and working associations. You’ll get so much more done, right? 

You’ll feel so much more at home and supported by life itself when you have a squad (as our daughter Eliah… rhymes with Maria… would say). Some Aquarians or Aquarius Rising Signs might also see the parting of an elder, mentor, grandparent, or possibly a close ally that taught you loads. I’d like you to focus on where you feel like an authority in life or with your talents. Yes, you’ll always be learning. But where do you shine the most?

As you seek a leg up with groups and associations, they’re going to want to know the same. What do you consider your biggest assets? Something to ponder during this Mercury in Retrograde. Oh, you know? Take a survey amongst those very cool peeps of yours. I bet they see something that you don’t!


Your career and life direction are on the brink of discovery and refinement. Whether you’re just getting started in the workplace or retired, or ready to move on to the great beyond… take this month to assess the past and your role in it. If you truly want to continue to make a difference, let go of the behaviors that keep you stuck. Remove judgment from your vocabulary and leave cynicism at the door.

Ponder what you have to offer and how you’d like to present that to your employer, employees, and clientele. Even if you’re retired, you’re not done. Even if you’re waiting for the Angels to escort you to the beyond, you’re not done yet. See? You can continue to learn, grow, contribute. And you don’t have to make a five year plan or even a year plan.

Ask yourself what you’d like to do, be, contribute, experience this week. Then in a few days, think about next week, then next month, and on and on. So thinking about a dream is one thing, but then putting it into practice is another. If you have made a vow to create something… then what’s stopping you?

Okay, once you’ve drawled on about the list of things you think are stopping you, put aside the judgments (I don’t have enough time, money, experience, drive, help, blah blah), then take a deep breath. You’re not alone. You can ask for help. You can invest in a plan of action and act on it daily. Do this and soon, you’ll have the bigger picture.

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