Here’s How You Can Work With Elaine

Breakthrough Session

A limited number of Astro-Intuitive Breakthrough Sessions are available each month. To decide if a 75 minute private one-on-one reading is right for you, ask yourself:

Am I willing to go deep into my awareness for an intimate look at the behavior and ‘loops’ that keeps me from getting what I want?

Am I ready to gain understanding about how my choices have affected my world and present situation?

Am I excited to learn about how to ignite my powerful potential?

If the answer is “Yes!” then I’d love to hear from you.

All clients begin with a 75 minute Astro-Intuitive Breakthrough session.

This powerful initiation is where all roads begin when working with Elaine.


Your Breakthrough Session consists of:

  • The Dinner Party™… the fun pre-session formula to discover which of your names sabotage, which support
  • Your Natal chart… your birth blueprint
  • Your Transits… looking at what lies in store for the next two years to help you prepare for greatness
  • Your Numerology… your name, birth numbers, karmic energies, and the key to unlocking closed doors
  • Your Digitally recorded session… emailed to your inbox after the session
  • The Future You™… the even more fun and insightful post-session exercise to keep you focused and on track

After the Breakthrough Session, you and Elaine can decide which path best fulfills your desires and potential: Remember… your Breakthrough session
is applied toward your next program!

  • Virtual Group Salon
  • Live Group Salon
  • Group VIP Day (Vibrant, Illuminated, Powerful)
  • Personalized Private Star Mentoring
  • 3 month Angel Atom Mentoring


I use dynamic empathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, intuition & transformational astrology to ignite your clarity for courageous, inspired solutions. Are you ready to become a Mojo Mystic?

Mojo Mystic credo:

I’m confident, intuitive, and trust my decisions.
I set healthy boundaries. It’s okay to say ‘NO’.

I speak my truth and enact my heartfelt contribution with kindness.

I’m not wrong for how I feel.
I’m compassionate and empathetic.

I see my future and magically create an intentional life.

I Am Pure Conscious Love.

These programs lay out your gateway to gaining universal perspective of your life, opportunities, and potential. Each program gives you the tools to step into your power to have real, meaningful transformations that help you to live an intentional life.

READY TO BOOK your session?


To get started, click the Book Now button to begin Your Mystical Breakthrough session:

75 Minute Session: $497

After Your Mystical Breakthrough Session… CHOOSE YOUR PROGRAM

Star Mentoring

Let’s spend 30 days together—just you and me—in a tailored support program to help you move your energy past stuck and into vibrant being-ness.

With each Hourly (60 min, 2 wks apart) sessions, You’ll focus on specific tasks that reframe and breakup the fears that keep you from engaging your joy. You’ll resonate a more authentic frequency that smooths the way toward your desires.

(clairvoyant/astrological/numerological insights, and neuro-scientific techniques, weekly email support, plus one 911/15 minute phone call, pre-recorded guided meditation)


“I live everyday as if I’ve deliberately come back to this one day to enjoy it. As if it was the full, final day of my extraordinary, ordinary life.” Richard Curtis

The Salon

At the turn of the century 20th century, women assembled in drawing rooms and living rooms…called Salons…to discover their power and find their voice.

They gathered–often clandestinely–to discuss politics, social mores, metaphysics, equality, and their rapidly changing roles and place in a world dominated by men.

The goal: to affect change.  To share ideas. To feel inspired. To express themselves without fear or shame. And to transform with the help and support of their fellow women.

Now, over a century later, women are still engaged in finding their power and shouting it to the world.

Join me and a small, intimate group of women in a modern day Salon… designed to get to the heart, soul, and core of your issues.

How It Works

The Salon is designed to get you the results you’re looking for in an intimate and deeply personal setting. Bring an open mind, a willingness to share, and any issue, challenge, or fear you’d like to address and overcome.

The Salon is a place and space where you’ll feel safe, supported, and welcome. Salons consistently attract very powerful women.

You can attend The Salon in one of two ways:

  1. Virtually…from the comfort of your own home

  2. LIVE…come to Sedona, AZ and Elaine will come to your Airbnb or Hotel


    **NEW** starting August of 2023… If you’d like to HOST a Salon in your home, your reading is ‘on the house’… email Elaine for details elaine@astrologymojo.com 

Virtual Salonsare via Zoom for 3.5 hours. Minimum 2 women, 6 women maximum per Virtual Salon… Your Investment is $639 (astrology charts/info emailed ahead of time).

In-Person Salons – Live Salons  =  a 5-hour day. Elaine’s already rolling up her sleeves and whipping out her crystal ball! (Seriously)… Your investment is $963.

The Salon is where you can take a foothold on the ladder to success, in business, with family, as an individual.

No matter your focus, you’ll discover your truer power through

  • Trans-personal Meditation
  • Intuitive awareness techniques
  • Aligning Body, Mind, Spirit
  • Real and practical strategies for real and practical solutions
  • Getting clear on how to ignite your magical, intuitive, productive self…

And put that effervescent joy and intention into the world.

The Virtual Salon Set-Up Is Simple

Reserve your seat for one 3.5 hour online Salon, share your biggest concern with Elaine and the group, and the result you want to achieve.

Then you’ll get minimum of 30 minutes of Elaine’s concentrated and personal, expert astrological and clairvoyant insight. 

As each participant receives their mystic mojo, you’ll benefit as well. 

This is how quantum leaps occur. Group insights are catered to the participants and no two Salon epiphanies are the same.

Elaine keeps the groups small so you get concentrated attention and insight.

Imagine walking into a Salon for a beauty makeover and at the end of three hours, transforming your whole being instead!


One 3.5hr Virtual Salon ~ $639

Tell your friends!  


Email me at elaine@astrologymojo.com for details if you’d like to fly me out and host an In-house Salon


 VIP … Vibrant, Illuminated, Powerful You.

CLEAR YOUR KARMA and Powerfully Transform Your Abundance Consciousness to Prosper ~ Flourish ~ Contribute


In this one of a kind virtual Group (no more than 4 women) you’ll experience a full 6 hours with Elaine (divided into 2.5 hrs, week 1, then one week later, another 2.5 hrs , then a 30 day Booster session to Uncover Your ‘9 Karmic Areas of Debt’ … Your Karmic Clues …  to eliminate the constant struggles and help you reframe your beliefs and patterns about ‘Lack’ and Prosperity… so you can FINALLY start allowing abundance!

  • Discover and break your unbreakable vow to never getting ahead. (What a relief!)
  • And Learn how your ‘Guilt Index’ stops you from having what you want. (Exhale.)
  • You’ll Create a healthy relationship to money, beginning with… Self Love. (Who knew?)
  • Of course you’ll Realize that it’s not about money… (Ever… but it gets your attention, doesn’t it?)
  • Discover how to Visualize and enact your ‘Ideal Day’. (Timeless. Magical. Practical.)
  • To Formulate a new Karmic Contract for Abundance. (Burdens be gone!)
  • Then Attract and Magnetize Vibrant, Illuminated, and Powerful Opportunities. (You won’t need a cape, promise!)
  • Joy and Happiness await your decision

Above all else… you’ll understand that Your Passion is How to “Cash” In!

Elaine does limited VIP Days each year, reserved for 4 people.
Your investment is $5,280.

email elaine@astrologymojo.com for more details 

Angel Atom Mystic Mentoring

Are you tired of chasing what you want?

Then discover how to Attract your wants and desires to you! Uncover the secrets to eliminating the blocks, barriers, and unconscious resistance that keep you from living the life of your dreams.

You’ll be astonished and amazed how your life will flow with ease once you learn how to get out of your own way.

You deserve nothing less than having it all. Manifest your dreams today…and Be Unstoppable!

 Here’s what you get with Angel Atom Mentoring:

3 Month “Mojo Mystic Mentoring” with Elaine

Private 1-on-1 Sessions with Elaine

You get Elaine 1 on 1, personalized just for you.

After your critical 45 minute Breakthrough Session, where you’ll go deep to discover exactly what’s getting in the way of getting what you want, Elaine will tailor your program
to one specific goal of your choosing. (Career, Health, Finances, Romance, Spiritual Purpose)… keep in mind that one ‘issue’ opens the door to all issues!

You’ll then have direct access to Elaine for three (3) more 45-minute private sessions (one per month).

Elaine will put an intuitive spotlight on your fears so that you get off the hamster wheel and end the stagnation.

How? With her Private VIP (Very Illuminated Powerful Person) Virtual Program … to help you break that self-sabotaging habit of disallowing joy, happiness, and abundance. (See more VIP virtual details above.)

Elaine will then introduce you to her ‘Bodhi System Intuitive Mastery Modules’, to illuminate the areas in your life that hold you back. She’ll get you on your path to fulfillment and goal attainment.


The Bodhi System® Intuitive Level 1 …

This unique, one of a kind audio-video program, packed with templates and specific exercises, is designed to help you be the magician in your life. You’ll discover how to move your energy out of ‘stuck’ and into Conscious Co-Creation through Quantum Exercises to assist you in manifesting your very specific goals. 

Boost your Intention via your Intuition to create. Move out of ‘lack’ and into ‘prosperity’ with spiritual, practical and grounded methods that help you resonate the frequency of abundance… and that means cash, too!

When you alter the paradigm of the past in the NOW, the future is a lot more fun!  

“Exclusive Direct Email Access” Elaine answers your question. You get access to Elaine’s private email, 2 per month for a total of 6 private emails, with your greatest concerns and needed support.

“Advanced Accountability” There’s nothing that will take you to your goal faster or bring what you manifest to you quicker than having someone to be accountable to.

It’s the one consistent key ingredient to ALL Success. And for you, your accountability ‘partner’ is Elaine! She keeps you on track with your personal needs and goals, with specific and targeted success strategies to help you break through your barriers…

…so you feel confident, creative, and charged. And, with the additional support of Level 1 to The Bodhi System® you’ll begin to intuit more of your own answers. Elaine is right there to guide you toward integration of Your Divine Body, Mind, and Spirit Alignment.

Email elaine@astrologymojo.com to see if this $6,390 intuitive mastery training program is for you… 

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