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I had the great pleasure of having a private session with Elaine and I was blown away. Her insights were invaluable. She’s profoundly intuitive, brilliant, and articulate, and she has the great skill of going directly to the core of an issue and helping you align with your bliss.
Marci Shimoff

NY Times Bestselling Author, 
“Happy for No Reason” and “Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

I’m impressed by Elaine and her talent for insightful and inspiring commentary. Going into our session I was trying to ignore a lot of things that didn’t feel right in my life and Elaine immediately knew what was up and called me out in the most supportive way possible.

After our chat I felt inspired again for the first time in a long time. I don’t have all the answers, but having a session with Elaine has confirmed a great deal of what I suspected about myself and my situation.

I’m looking forward to the next step in my life thanks to Elaine, and look forward to writing her back to tell her all about how wonderful and successful life has become after talking with her.

Thank you Elaine!

Alex Tennis

Brand Specialist

I had my Tanzanite Breakthrough session with Elaine and what a Breakthrough it was! Her intuition is so precise, right on target to what I was feeling inside. She’s taken me from living with fear and negativity, to a path of positive, happy, and gratifying days.

Using her meditation helped me to remove all of the stress that I was carrying around for years. I use the method often to keep me grounded and stress-free.

Elaine is so personal, loving, friendly, and a truly good person. You’ll feel like you’ve known each other for years… your new best friend!

I’m truly blessed for meeting Elaine!

Karen Wheeler

Owner, Welcome Wine Guests

Elaine is not only an amazing speaker and trainer, she’s one of the most brilliant intuitives I’ve ever met.

She so helped me get into those subtle areas that kept me from being unstoppable in my life.

I absolutely adore her work. You’ll definitely want to work with her!

Theresa de Grosbois

Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur, Wildfire

Elaine is simply amazing!

She knew exactly what was up for me and quickly, and accurately, helped me to allow my healing process to begin.

I was shocked at how intuitive Elaine was, and how detailed and compassionate. I breathed in all her advice and left the session with a GIANT shift in my “WHO” … AND with actual actions to take to continue my healing.

I am lighter, relieved, and happy as can be!

Terri Levine


The Session I did with Elaine kick-started a new level of healing for me: body, mind, and spirit. 

Elaine’s intuition, her precision, and her practicality intersected at a very powerful time and now I am floating on this Retrograde. I am seeing more clearly than ever, feeling grounded, accepting the new life I’ve been carving out over the past eight years under Elaine’s mentorship in trust and gratitude.

The learning now feels like playing, like living life without the struggle. I highly recommend a Session with Elaine right now for going to the next level of healing, whatever that level may be.

Elizabeth Norvell

Articulation Officer / Curriculum Specialist, San Diego City College / Columbia University, NYC

Elaine is the perfect balance between no non-sense gal and comforting pal.

I’ve sought counsel from her for 4 years spanning my husband’s kidney donation to the loss of two pregnancies and the joy of new life and an exciting career fulfillment. She’s revealed many nuances that I felt in an undercurrent of my life, but never had the courage to bring into awareness.

With the awareness Elaine has brought, I’ve had the confidence to move through difficult times, and be excited in times of blessing. Her guidance has allowed me to stay grounded and focused.

I feel incredibly blessed to have found a healer that is able to present information to me in such a matter of fact way, allowing each piece to unfold just as it wishes—with no push or self-motivation.

Elaine, thank you! Much love and gratitude.

Jamie Lee Sheils

Florida, Board of Directors, Board Meetings International

Elaine was recommended by a friend who visited Sedona.  The first thing that struck me when we Skyped was how lovely and warm she was and how utterly normal she came across.  We all have friends we can talk to but sometimes it helps to get a little spiritual and astrological guidance.

Elaine’s knowledge and intuition was incredible, and she pinpointed very quickly where my blockages were and how I must overcome these hurdles.

She reminded me of who I was and who I can be.   We all lead busy lives which can mean we sometimes loose our intuition and the core of who we are.  I followed her advice the morning after my session to start changing my destiny for the better. 

Thank you Elaine.  Louise from London.

Louise Ferguson

I really enjoyed the Astrological Life Profile that I received from you.

I had no idea what a dominant role the Ascendant sign plays, and have been having lots of fun learning about mine, my partner’s, and my Moms.

This info has been like a missing puzzle piece, and has been so accurate that its actually hilarious!

I heard your story on Youtube on the Heart on Radio interview and really enjoyed it.

While I was reading the report, I remember thinking – Wow!


Marenae Smit

South Africa, TRE Practitioner

Elaine is amazing. She’s so much more than the standard astrologer. She is intuitive and intelligent. (I’m honestly not easily impressed!)

We laughed. I cried. I learned a TON about myself and my patterns. The session was only supposed to be 40 minutes but she was very generous with her time. I definitely consider her to be a resource that I will use in the future. Amazing!!

Maureen Dummigan White

Arizona, Psychotherapist

“EXCELLENT. I highly recommend Elaine to ANYONE who is serious about manifesting their dreams.”
John Assaraf

Mindset Expert, NY Times Bestselling Author

What I loved about Elaine was her warm and open personality, she was instantly “likeable”.  I found her insight combined with practical, helpful advice and she pin pointed exactly where I am right now and where I need to get by giving me pointers and tips as to how to work with myself to achieve my goals.

Unbelievably extraordinary!! So spot on. I loved my time with Elaine and only wished I had longer!

Jules Standish

The Colour Counsellor, Author, Stylist, Speaker, Colour Consultancy

I had a great session with Elaine. Her friendly and supportive information was totally accurate… almost as if she were plugged into my life!

I was able to apply her insights immediately… easily, too.

And the meditation she led me through was profoundly healing. I highly recommend Elaine!

Charmaine Hammond

Strategist/Bestselling Author

My session with Elaine was something I’ve never experienced before. The reading was very helpful. Cathartic.

​The numerology aspect is very insightful. However, it’s Elaine herself that made the session so meaningful. I felt at ease right away. Like sitting with a new friend you feel understands you.

She shoots straight and tells you like it is. She delivered the news in a manner that gave me confidence about the outcomes.

No question Elaine has a special gift. She’s a highly tuned intuitive, equally skilled at being a cool and caring person. I highly recommend a session with Elaine.

Kevin Rogers

Connecting Business Owners with Copywriters, Copy Chief

Elaine helped me clear the final block to allowing the flow of opportunity to come to me in ways more magical than I ever imagined. We worked together on a Sunday night and the next day an opportunity to use almost all of my skills, experience, intuitive gifts, and passion came through via one phone call. In fact, it was really divinely guided. The person who called me had “asked” for the connection to the “right person” to help take the program he had created to the next level. And through an Internet search, he found me.

I’m not sure if I would have been able to receive that phone call without the work that Elaine and I had done the night before. And, ever since the call, I’ve been using her Bodhi brainstorming audio too. I am grateful for the work that Elaine does, what a gift. Thank you, Elaine.

Amy Todisco

Creator/Director, Your Turning Point Retreats

My reading with Elaine was a gift. Although readings often present information I know and can confirm, this one differed since the reading gave me concrete information to resolve issues that are going on and creating blockage in my life. I didn’t tell Elaine a thing. She intuited everything. I’m so glad I got an MP3 of the reading as it had significant points I plan to use in my life. So much made sense. Elaine was like a guardian angel saying exactly what I need to know at this time in my life and it felt like the gift I needed right now.

I plan to listen to my MP3 several times because the pointers I received are huge for me in moving forward and creating what I want! Thank you, thank you thank you, I am very grateful.

Debbie Dachinger

Media Expert/Radio Show Host/Bestselling Author/Keynote, Dare to Dream

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got my Astrological Life Profile report.  I didn’t see how my personality and identity could be foretold simply by when and where I was born.  Once I started reading the report I realized how spot on it was for me.  Every page was like seeing myself come more into focus. There were many new aspects of myself I had never thought of, but also a lot of things I knew somewhere inside but had never seen on paper or said out loud.

I found truth in each paragraph. Some more than others, but always a description that resonated with me. 

Several of the warning signs mentioned in my report I had already suspected about myself. Having these positive and negative influences in front of me helped me find the confidence to shape who I want to be.

I had the realization that I was in control and that I have the power to craft my life it into what I want.  

I also took away a lot of guidance that I’ve been otherwise lost thinking about.  I’m starting my own business so reading bits and pieces on what to avoid and what to foster in my business self was invaluable.  Overall this is an amazing tool that I see myself referencing for many years to come. 

Nick Ridings

Rooted, Furniture Designer, CO

Elaine’s advice is insanely practical and immediately actionable.

Not only does she get to the root of your problems within minutes: revealing insights, patterns, and tendencies you were never previously aware of…

She guides you through seemingly basic action steps that, if applied correctly, simply change your reality.

(The truth is, what she works with is very intricate and complex under the surface – but she spares any unnecessary BS and gets straight to what you need to do to change your life.)

Within 10 days of applying what she told me, I landed a $6000 consulting gig.

Which might not be much for some, but it was the biggest win of my young career so far, and 3x more than what I’d ever charged before.

All it took was one conversation with Elaine, and applying a few simple action steps that she gave me.

I could go on and on about how insightful she is, how she genuinely cares about your growth and success, and compare her to other astrologers who said some nice things but didn’t do much to help me solve my problems…

But I don’t need to. The results speak for themselves.

Working with Elaine will change your life. As long as you’re open, ready, and willing to put in the work.
Tim Ramos

Conversion Marketing Specialist,

I was so overwhelmed with how accurate your astrology reading was…

And how validated it made me feel!

Thank you smile

Lindsay Barnes

New York

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