Hi. I’m Elaine.

And I’m THRILLED that you dropped by to see what Astrology Mojo is all about.

Before I tell you a little bit about myself, I’d like to be clear…

Astrology Mojo, first and foremost, is all about YOU!

It’s about helping you get the answers you’re looking for by getting to the heart

of the matter…

YOUR Matter… YOUR Mojo…

In a no-nonsense, direct, grounded, compassionate, and practical way.


 And It’s About Having FUN in the Process.

There’s so much more to astrology than meets the eye. It’s a beautiful and informative language all its own. And it’s indelibly inscribed right smack in the expansive heavens above us, and within us!

The planets don’t do anything to you. They’re symbolic of YOUR CHOICES. Look at the planets and they’re aspects to one another as a lab test report. If you’ve got low Vitamin D… it’s not the phlebotomist that did that to you, it’s not the paper with the results, it’s reflective of your choices, what you eat, drink, etc.

Just like the weather might influence your choices… “Oh, it’s raining, I’ll put on my boots today” … Astrology can show you what You are creating with your energy
and choices. But it’s still You choosing to put on your boots… or not. 

You’re a Celestial, Eternal, Sentient Being, creating a reality on this earth. You’re learning what you do like versus what you don’t like, then proceed from there.

As a Modern Mystic (clairvoyant, empath, numerologist, and transformational astrologer) I use astrology as a GUIDE. I use astrology to get CLARITY…

Because CLARITY is the KEY to getting what you want…

Clarity in the motivation and patterns (and perceptions and beliefs) behind your decisions and choices, clarity in what you stand for, clarity in your values and who you choose to surround yourself with.

My goal is to help you reach your greatest potential…

To help you recognize the blocks and fears that stand in your way…and to open the inner, intuitive door so you can see the boundless opportunities right in front
of you, ready for the taking.

You Are Unique

Nobody has the same astrological birth chart as you. Twins don’t even share the same chart!

My job is to show you what your astrological makeup means TO YOU. This is my joy and my passion.

I’ve been a professional astrologer and intuitive counselor for the past 36 years, with clients and coaching students
around the world.

I’ve counseled doctors, psychologists, entertainers, thought leaders, Wall Street financiers, professionals and folks from all walks of life… from children to grandparents.

I use astrology as a tool for zeroing in on who YOU truly are and your potential on this planet.

I use your chart and my intuition to ‘see’ who you are and the parts of you that you may not see or that you deny. I can see who you are becoming, what stands in your way, actual circumstances, challenges, experiences, blessings, and even traumas you’ve been through.

Astrology helps me to see your timing.

I Thought I Was CRAZY

When I was a little girl growing up in Newark, NJ, I would ‘see’ things. I could see things that weren’t physically there. I could see things before they happened. I knew the answer to things that I had no business knowing… and yet I felt lost and blind most of the time.

Because I had absolutely no earthly explanation as to how I could see stuff that wasn’t there.

I thought I was crazy.

I was too scared to tell my parents what I was seeing and ‘picking up’ about others for fear they wouldn’t believe me. The same with friends. If I told them what I was seeing, hearing or feeling, or what I knew, they would have had me committed.

I didn’t know if what I was experiencing was real or not. ‘Seeing’ what was going to happen freaked me out. Yet the outcomes were constantly validated and proven to be true time and time again. (I just had to get past the fear.)

So I kept to myself. I kept this secret with me for years.

And Then Everything Changed…

When I was 11, my aunt was sitting at her kitchen table. She was reading a book on astrology charts and asked me if I’d like to learn how to read a chart. I had no idea what she was talking about but I said ‘yes’ anyway.

When she showed me what a chart looked like, my mouth dropped. Because on the page was something I’d been seeing in my mind’s eye and in my dreams all throughout my young life… a circle filled with criss-crossed lines and symbols.

And there they were… right on the page! Sitting at her kitchen table and discovering how to construct a basic chart changed my life forever.

What really tripped me out was that I knew how to read this thing! The symbols and the glyphs were SO familiar to me, like long lost friends.

As I got older, intuiting and ‘seeing’ became much more frequent. It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties that I had powerful clairvoyant experiences. There was no denying the mystical world. I finally started to really TRUST what I was seeing, feeling, hearing, and sensing.

Because I started to express myself more, I was validated by others regarding the information that poured through me.

For me, this became my new ‘normal.’ At first, I didn’t know where the ‘knowing’ came from. All I knew was that EVERY DAY was like this. And if ‘crazy’ meant feeling happy, more compassionate, less fearful, and then sharing that with the world, then all right… magic truly exists.

I finally accepted the fact that this was who I was. Yes, there were (are) skeptics. Yes, there were (are) cynics. But I wasn’t out to prove them wrong. If someone wanted to know what I could ‘see’ about them, I would tell them.

Most of the time they were blown away.

It’s All About YOU

When I was 26, I started doing readings for friends. They would consistently tell me how accurate I was in telling them about their past, their present, what they were thinking about and what was in store for them.

I’d get phone calls week or months later from them saying that what I had told them came true, and that the information I gave them was scary accurate and spot on.

This has been my work, my life, and my passion ever since.

The demand from people and clients to know more and to help them reach their highest potential has led to the creation of astrological readings, mentorships, coaching, VIP Days, Salons, courses, and a variety of programs involving astrological and intuitive mastery.

If you’re seeking to expand your horizons, I’m here to help.

I’m so grateful for the gift that I can use to serve you.

As always, I wish you peace.

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