Proven Products to help you move out of stasis, away from endless circles, and out of being stuck so you can access your power.

Whether you do this for business, pleasure, or to become more intuitive, you’ll be astounded by the simplicity of each module, yet how powerful the results are!

The Bodhi System is an Intuitive Mastery Program.

It includes 12 video modules with pdf worksheets, audios, exercises and techniques to help you increase your level of awareness.

Whether you choose to create or enhance your Astrology business or to become more adept at reading other people’s charts and astrological info, you’ll be amazed by how easy it is, and how accurate you’ll be when helping family and friends to create their futures before they happen.

The Astrology Secrets Masterclass is easy to understand, thorough, and a fun way to learn how to read your own chart.

It includes 31 video modules with pdf worksheets, audios, exercises and techniques to teach you step by step about the world of Astrology … planets, aspects, signs, symbols, elements, and all the definitions that give you the power to know what it all means!

This is the audio program everyone is raving about!  It’s yours, FREE.

The Bodhi Brainstorm is a subtle yet powerful audio program that will get you feeling confident, alert, and better tuned to your purpose in just minutes!

The Brainstorm is a high vibrational audio program, engineered with Theta Waves and Binaural beats, that alters your in-grained, obsolete, and negative patterns and opens your consciousness to Possibility and Insight. The Brainstorm will help you eliminate dead end roads and stubborn conditioning.

Elaine created The Brainstorm as an introduction and  precursor to her Intuitive Mastery Program, “The Bodhi System.”
The best part is that it’s simple to use.


Here’s all you do:

-Download  READ ME FIRST
-Read the pdf
-Download BodhiBrainStorm mp3
-Sit in a comfortable chair or recline.
-Put on headphones or ear buds and LISTEN
-Set an intention or do absolutely nothing.

And you WILL resonate the frequency of abundance!
To download, Right-Click mouse and choose “Save Link As” or “Save Target As”
Tutorial: Bodhi Brainstorm READ ME FIRST

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