In this 4 part blog series, I’m writing about the most important phases of the Moon and their affect on your money, health, romance, and intuition.

They are:

1. Moon Void of Course
2. New Moon
3. Full Moon
4. Lunar EclipseToday, we’re talking about New Moons.

Every 28 days or so, the Moon enters it’s New phase. It seems to disappear from the sky, and from view, because it’s positioned between the Sun and the Earth.

For centuries, from Egypt to Babylonia to Jerusalem, the New Moon was a time of celebration. The appearance of the young, silver crescent signaled a time of renewal and rebirth.

We have eleven New Moons a year. As mentioned in the last email, UNLESS the Moon is Void…

Write down what you choose to release or adjust from the past month…

1. Attitudes that no longer serve
2. Situations that have caused stress or losses
3. Processes or strategies that have not shown any results
4. Goals or markers you’d like to embrace in the next 28 days

A New Moon is the perfect time to:

  • put new ideas and plans into motion
  • initiate financial actions
  • communicate your romantic needs
  • plant root crops: radishes, beets, parsnips

Give yourself a 72 hour window, centering around the day of the New Moon.

What to expect during a New Moon 72 hour period…

Just as you are putting new projects into motion, you may be presented with an opportunity during the week of a New Moon.Check in with your intuition to get clear on what you want. Then prepare and plan for your next New Moon by… taking action 3 days prior to the New Moon, day of, and up to 3 days post.

Here are the New Moon dates for the remainder of 2017.

June 23 in Cancer (nurture, plant root crops, women and children issues, law, food, finances, and writing are favored).

July 23 in Leo (entertainment, education, install or check fire systems).

August 21 in Leo COUPLED WITH THE SOLAR ECLIPSE, this is a powerful combination to fast track your plans. NOTE… Mercury is in Retrograde. Instead of initiating projects, adjust as necessary and be on the look out for seeds you’ve already planted ready to burst into bloom!

September 19 in Virgo (prune, organize, initiate health/healing, systematize).

October 19 in Libra (harmonize, create, beautify, advocate, delegate).

November 18 in Scorpio (cut losses, employ your power, express desires).

December 17 in Sagittarius (explore, plan, be open to sudden travel, review beliefs and research possibilities).

Take a few minutes, in any of the Moon’s Phases, and close your eyes. Align your body, mind, Spirit connection for all kinds of success.

To help you get crystal clear on what you want, make great decisions, and boost your intuition, I’ve created something special for you, called…

“Ignite Your Intuition”

As always, I wish you peace,
​Be on the lookout for Moon Phases Part 3: Full Moons…

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