Where the New Moon has been celebrated as a time of inception and conception of ideas and actions, the Full Moon is just the opposite.

Throughout time, different cultures have revered the Full Moon as the time for completion, a time of the culmination of thoughts and actions. A time to harvest the crops, make repairs, wrap it up, essentially, and to purge what no longer serves the goal.

Lots of myths surround the Full Moon with people losing their minds and animals becoming frightened or aggressive.

Well, maybe… depends on many other factors. Everything is cyclical on this Earth… but it’s also individual. You’ll definitely feel something, but it may not be a communal experience.

Pay close attention to how YOU FEEL during the Full Moon phase.

Fun fact… every Full Moon is in the opposite sign of the astrological month that houses it.

When the Sun is in the water sign of Cancer, the next Full Moon on July 9 is in the astrological earth sign of Capricorn. So each Full Moon will have its own particular, astrological nuance.

Science has noted that it might be harder to sleep during a Full Moon, or that you’re likely to have more vivid dreams at that time.

For my part, when the Full Moon is in a fire sign: Aries, Sagittarius, or Leo, I cannot sleep a wink. (I’m a Leo Moon sign.) But when the Full Moon is in Pisces or Scorpio, I can’t seem to wake up! And my dreams!! Wow.

So as Moonlight alters living cells in water (on Earth, in plants and animals, in You), you’ll feel the effects in different ways. You might feel weepy, silly, giddy, sad, full, tired, or energized…

Isabella Guerrini, University of Peruggia, Italy, who has now spent twenty years studying the effects of the Moon on plants and animal consciousness, has real evidence to support Lunar effects.

Plants recover better when harvested during the last week of the lunar cycle. In Guido Masé’s article about Isabella, he says, “Most plants seem to need a rhythmic exposure to moonlight—at least for a week or so around the full moon—for optimal immunity, wound healing, regeneration, and growth.”

Note a 72 hour window, centering around the day of the Full MoonTake notes on how you feel, what emotional or situational circumstances resurface during this phase. Get to know your own cycles! 

List at least 3 tasks you’d like to see completed from the past month(s)…

1. Get to that pile of papers on your desk
2. Come to a decision about your next venture
3. Finish up projects at work or home

Then Meditate on being present with your Full Self… Body, Mind, Spirit

What to expect during a Full Moon 72 hour period…

Just as you ‘seeded’ new projects in a New Moon, now it’s time to tune into your emotions about what’s increasing in your life, what’s reached its course, and where you can have closure with different parts of your emotional and physical life.

Check in with your intuition to get clear on what you want to release. Then prepare and plan for your next Full Moon by… taking action 1 day prior to the Full Moon, day of, and 1 day post.

Full Moon dates for the remainder of 2017… to finish what you started…

July 9 in Capricorn
 (work hard, delegate, organize, lots of details. Check in with bones, teeth, skin, joints, knees, stomach, and breasts).

August 7
 in Aquarius Lunar Eclipse
 (releasing a woman or feminine source, focus on technology, humanitarian actions, innovative ideas. We’ll discuss this in part 4.)

September 6
 in Pisces
 (Coupled with Solar/Lunar Eclipses, this is a powerful combo to redirect thoughts, add a little ‘magic’ but watch for need to deny or anesthetize your feelings with chemicals and electronic devices. Get 2nd opinion on meds. Dream journal).

October 5
 Harvest Moon in Aries
 (reap, reorganize agendas, initiate health/healing for head, eyes and blood system). 

November 4
 in Taurus
 (value earth and home, assemble materials to create, cook, bake, beautify. Reproductive and throat sensitivities. Shy from sugar.)

December 3
 in Gemini
 (cut $ losses, plan travel, research, face authority with facts, systematize, forgive. Guard nervous and lung systems).
Take a few minutes, in any of the Moon‘s Phases, and close your eyes. Align your body, mind, Spirit connection for all kinds of success. 

Be on the lookout for Moon Phases Part IV: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse…

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