Everyone has a Sun sign—Your Sun sign is the sign under which you were born depending upon your birth time, location, and date of birth.

Your astrological Sun sign determines the basic THEME of your life.

THEMES For Your Sign



Cancer—I Feel … and attempt to negotiate everything I feel as I initiate action to feel safe and to create a safe haven for others.

I sometimes snap at others when I don’t understand what I feel.

This is when I want to hide out by myself. Maybe eat a lot of dairy or carbs. But my stomach might complain if I overindulge.

I need a close relationship with my mother or I’ll feel insecure and fight authority (or authority fights me). Or perhaps I’ll become part of law enforcement to clean up the neighborhood.

When I can forgive my mother, I can acknowledge that the feminine energy in me is safe. Then my financial picture broadens.

I may not always have the words to say, but I feel ‘ya. I might not always be physically affectionate, but I care. My nurturing might come in the form of financial support, writing and mentoring, designing or event planning, or by cooking delicious food. Or I might champion women, children, and those less fortunate via politics, psychology, or the law.


Scorpio—I Desire … to be as passionate about life as I can be. Sometimes I feel everything so deeply that I scare myself and stick to only surface things in life.

The deeper I go, the darker it gets and I feel so responsible to bring light to the darkness. I can either magnetize jealousy or become mistrusting of others, especially when I’ve been betrayed or abused.

Sex is a healing tool, and if I misuse it or allow abusive people in my life, I have difficulties with reproductive organs.

I might use motivational speaking, writing, psychology, politics, or food to help you to feel safe.  Above all I desire to build something… a house, a relationship, a world where we can all discover our inner power.

I love a good mystery and solving puzzles. Especially when things don’t go my way. I have to take control… it’s part of my quest for power.

It’s no surprise that I know how to rebuild from the ashes.


Pisces—I Believe … the world can be beautiful. If I keep believing, it will be so, I think.

I need music, photography, and poetry, and a just cause to keep me on track.

I play nice with others unless I feel like a victim. Then I can be demanding or aloof and cynical, and come
at you passive-aggressively or sarcastically.

When I’m scared by what I see or feel I hide until I believe it’s safe to come out.

That’s when I feel the need to forget by ingesting chemicals (alcohol, edibles, smoke) or by becoming radically judgmental… or getting lost in the movies.

I love to dabble in the mystical arts. I keep looking for myself in different forms of creation: art, sculpture, photography, film, fashion, and healing modalities.

When I see the Divine in everything, I learn to express my opinion and receive abundance. My colors, creations, and sounds make the world a beautiful place.


Taurus—I Have … and possess my things and loved ones to find security deep within. Once I find it I realize that my loyalty is my greatest possession and that my needs are met, even if I don’t know how to meet them.

I hold in emotions to stop myself from harming others. It can cause weight and hormone imbalances. When I can express gently, freely, I have an easier time with finances.

The part about ‘having’ might be translated to being stubborn. But deep down I’m searching for my values. This is what will help me to feel secure. Once I feel this, I love to beautify my world via art, food,
decor, aesthetics, sensual pleasures, and gratitude for the earth.


Virgo—I Analyze … the best way to be efficient and thorough. My thoughts are on justice and things ‘less messy.’ I use science, technology, history and art/design, just causes, healing modalities, dabbling in creating anything to better the world and my comfort zone.

When I judge and criticize myself and others, my nervous system goes haywire and clutter piles up all over my house. When I learn to accept others I feel more organized.

This is when I’m ready to find the peace between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and allow myself to be… without judging, but allowing.


Capricorn—I Work … toward a goal until I allow myself to reach a goal with joy and without beating myself up for not being an outdated definition of ‘perfect’. My goal is to lead with strength and endurance and sometimes deny myself pleasure along the way.

I don’t cut corners (unless I’m overwhelmed). I can appear to be cold or unfeeling but I hold the world’s pain in my body so I can learn how to help others. Sometimes this leads to trouble with addictions, my bones, skin, teeth or joints, and hormones.

When I release fear and worry and start to trust that I AM Pure Conscious Love, I’m able to climb the mountain to the top with ease, then turn and help others along.


Gemini—I Think … about what it is and why it is and what it could be if it were different. New ideas spark me. That’s when I write, study or edit, and network for possibilities. I attempt to control my thoughts and sometimes believe everyone else thinks the same way.

I’ll judge them if they don’t meet my expectations. Once I can allow the differences between myself and others, I become more curious and it feeds my need to ‘know’.

My lungs and arms are meant to hold and share joy. When I’m unforgiving toward myself, I have trouble with these areas. When I stack chores or my to-do list, I forget to have fun and relax. I mistrust that my needs will be met. 

If I repeat to myself, ‘I’m done, it’s not done,” then I allow myself to take mental and physical breaks to enjoy the ride and stop looking for the ‘perfect’ ending. I love to travel, network with others and help people with my resources.


Libra—I Harmonize … and set out to create harmony in life by having solid opinions, which is my greatest challenge—to adhere to a belief and put it into action. Sometimes I swing the other way and champion the other side because I’m not sure which is the best.

My neutrality can cause disharmony with others who look to me for intimacy, solutions, and who need my stance. When I stop trying to please other at all costs (and when I’m kinder to myself) I’m a just and fair judge. That’s when I can give my opinion without thinking I’ve offended anyone.

When I go to extremes, I can be very controlling, demanding things be a very specific way. That’s when I’m extra hard on myself and others.

My adrenals, skin, and hormones will suffer during these times. When I allow myself to be me, without apology or defense, I beautify my body and my world. Neat closets? Picture perfect decor? Yup.

Beauty, music, and organic nature calm me, and help to heal my adrenals.


Aquarius—I Know …what the answer is even when I don’t. It’s out there. My job is to find the most amazing EVERYTHING and present it to you. I don’t discriminate. I don’t enjoy being intimate, but I love sex, and having a lot of friends. But then I overwhelm on being the coordinator of everyone’s agendas and disappear. I might travel, hide out, become addicted to my computer or phone.

Sometimes my ankles give me trouble and I trip myself up, especially if I’m being dishonest or feel the need to self-medicate. When I see an injustice I get so fired up! I’ll champion a cause sometimes to my own detriment.

Oh, but I love anything that sparks electric! I might be stubborn, but I’m unique and ready to lead the group into the unknown. Or at least try some things my friends are too afraid to try.

I need to learn how to be comfortable in the dark and trust that my needs are met. When I meditate, I begin to connect my Body to my Mind to allow my Spirit to soar.



Aries—I Act … and move through life toward a goal, sometimes head-first and without thinking, but most times to champion others. My head, eyes, ears, face, blood suffer when I cannot express my sexuality or my individual uniqueness.

When I honor my need for movement and couple it with a just cause, I blaze effortlessly through life, igniting the Divine in others.

I may not always have a lot of patience, but I care. This can make me butt heads with authority figures along the way. I need a healthy outlet… working out, several projects at once, and simultaneously caring for others.


Leo—I Will … learn how to incorporate the needs of others equally without always trying to put myself or my wounds first. I care deeply for others but don’t always know how to relate unless I’m in control.

I’ll shy from others in my cave if I’m not sure what I want. Once I do, I’ll roar dramatically, maybe dance, sing, paint, get on stage, write or make a movie. I’ll give generously, especially to children who need a champion.

My biggest epiphany comes when I engage in selfless service and my heart opens.


Sagittarius—I Search … for truth and practical means to spirituality. I act out my beliefs in entertainment, beauty, politics, art, food, words, science, and religion. I need to know, but as soon as I find out, I doubt. I need to be certain so I’ll keep searching.

Health and beauty are a large concern for me and I share my solutions with others.

I often have major health issues when I’m unconsciously feeling unsafe and judging the world. When I learn self-love, I heal.

That healing of body, mind, spirit will become my next quest… to go deeper into inner and outer space, farther than anyone has gone before… these are the voyages of … oh… wait… I got carried away! The truth is out there (or in here) and I’m going to find it.


Your Rising Sign, or Ascendant, is the second key component of your astrological birth chart.

The moment you were born, looking east toward the horizon, a specific constellation was “on the rise’ over the horizon. That is your Rising sign.

Like your Sun and Moon sign, it’s determined by the month, day, date, year, longitude, latitude, and exact time of birth.

In astrology, the Rising sign is who you project to the world and how the world interacts with you on a daily basis. It’s what everyone wants to know about …

Wealth * Health * Passion * Purpose

Whenever you read an astrological horoscope about your sun sign always …ALWAYS…read your Rising sign, too. You’ll most likely find that it’s a more accurate description of what’s going on in your life right now.

So many times a client will say to me, “Why is it that when I read my sun sign in any astrological forecast it doesn’t always fit me?” And the answer is that your Rising sign defines everyday life so much more than your sun sign.

Example: ‘Mary’ was born on May 1 and that makes her a Taurus Sun sign. In general, she’ll have some basic Taurean traits.

‘Mary’ is a Taurean but because of her birth time and the geographic location of her birth (longitude and latitude) she has a Gemini Rising sign. Mary will typically exhibit many more Gemini traits than Taurean ones.

She’ll be creative like a Taurus, but more analytical like a Gemini. She’ll be loyal like a Taurus, but she’ll get bored a lot quicker like a Gemini, and make a lot more spur of the moment decisions. That’s very different than stable, reliable Taurus’ behavior.

Your Rising sign determines the Twelve Houses in astrology, better defining your:



Blind spots








Earning potential




Inner thoughts










Creative talents






Marital Partners


Business Partners


Joint resources


Insurance matters


Estate issues


Family members






Emotional issues










Limiting habits




The third part of your astrological make-up is represented by your Moon sign.

The Moon sign represents your willingness and ability to receive. The placement of your Moon in a particular sign at birth signifies your emotional state and how you process emotions and feelings.

The Moon is an indicator of how you flow through life.

The Moon also signifies your relationship to your mother. How you interact with her (or her absence) defines much of your emotional make-up.

Just as the Moon is in a direct relationship to tides, you’re in a direct relationship to the ebb and flow of your feelings.

Your Moon sign is also an indicator of your greatest insecurities…and your relationship to money and abundance.

I don’t advise reading your Moon sign in most magazine or online astrological forecasts since the calculations for those readings are based on the Sun’s position, not the Moon’s.

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