Scorpio is guided by the planet (now dwarf star) Pluto

SCORPIO is a water sign, magnetic, committed, sexual, obsessive, powerful, great builders and destroyers, reformer, secretive, intellectually intuitive, investigative, influential, passionate, unobtrusive, in your face when provoked.

The Mundane & The Esoteric


To truly understand yourself through Astrology, it’s important to consider the behavioral traits of both the Mundane: more earthly, lower self, ego driven—and the Esoteric: spiritual, compassionate, original.

When reading the following, keep in mind that you are a lovely mix—in differing degrees–of MUNDANE and ESOTERIC.

MUNDANE Scorpio, ouch. You can sting you when you want to.

Caustic when angered, you live for self-gratification.

Sometimes you can be superficial and shallow, using sex to seduce and control (and sometimes slay.

When you’re obsessed or jealous, you become the shadow… and the shadow knows how to scare the bejeebers out of anyone.

If you’re opposed, you can retreat, turning secretive.

You’re talented at building and amassing… cash reserves.

Sometimes you’re psychologically manipulative that you’d even scare Stephen King.

But deep down, you’ve got a cause and you despise being thwarted. Military tactics run in your blood and nothing or no one can stand in your way.

ESOTERIC Scorpio, gosh, you’re so patient and loving.

You’re able to intuit what others need because you’re tuned in to the psyche and make terrific educators and parents.

Fun and chatty, you possess a depth that teaches people not to be afraid of the dark.

You know how to serve the causes of the world like Mother Theresa on a mission. Or how to be the leader of the group without stealing the show.

Don’t be bullied by others who poke at your silences. Honor that you need alone time and communicate when necessary.

If you attract very demanding or manipulative partners, that’s your opportunity to stand up to the masculine authorities in life and realize your power.

Your investigative nature uncovers the truth.

When you’re feeling safe (or even adventurous) you’ll engage in deep, sexual healing with such sweetness.



When Scorpio is on the rise, Pluto guides the general theme of a person’s astrological chart.

Pluto represents core understanding of the self, undoing and rebirth. I like to call it TNT for the psyche.

Scorpio Rising, if you’re a woman, you’re in everyone’s face, not always recognizing appropriate boundaries.

Scorpio Rising men are more subdued, secretive, aloof.

In general, your sense of needing to overcome a power struggle is strong in the earlier years, usually because of masculine abuse or being controlled by—or abandoned by—the feminine parent.

If not physically abandoned, then emotionally abandoned.

This early trauma or power struggle shapes your need to command or exercise some sort of power in relationships later on in life.

No matter your gender, you opt to become the main breadwinner.

Although at first, you might struggle with partnerships that begin on a sexual level. But once you’re more comfortable being in a position of influence, you can harmonize their relationships in business and in romance.

Intimacy isn’t always easy for you. I’m not talking about sex, either. IN TO ME YOU SEE.

The pitfalls of sexual foundations in a relationship (or in business it might be power control), is that you become the parental figure.

If you give up this role, then you attract controlling partners.

This extreme in partnerships can lead to victimization or self-abuse through numbing chemicals and feelings.

You can be sexy, seductive, or at least able to charm the skin off of a snake! Your magnetism extends beyond words or actions. You’re persuasive in anything you do just by being present.

Ideally, using your intuition more will help you to learn to trust. Then you can apply that trust in practical business matters.

Your Rising Sign is symbolized by the scorpion that stings with witticism, sarcasm, and deep and profound truths that go to core.

You can be a formidable business adversary or ally. And you cannot stand people who lie or cheat, even if you’re figuring out how to negotiate or manipulate them to your advantage.

When you apply your talents to service, you take the lead and champion a cause to the very end.

Beware any who attempts to betray you. Even though you’re forgiving, you sever ties and release them from your life.

If there are too many water planets in your chart, you may not have the fortitude for arguments or games and stay in relationships that don’t benefit or serve you.

Your methods for building and reconstructing the psyche result in expertise in contractual business, law, investigative professions, financial institutions, psychologists, special education, and construction.

You like to be anywhere you’re able to ‘breakdown the outdated structure’ to rebuild it.

When you have the confidence and training behind you, you can make a lot of money. Just be careful of spending it too quickly or supporting too many charities.


Scorpio body parts include the pelvis, reproductive and sexual organs, colon and sweat glands. If you have trouble delegating life’s details or tasks (giving up control) or when you have difficulty in personal relationships (setting healthy boundaries with yourself and others) you might suffer from pelvic, reproductive, hormonal, or psychological issues.

Healing rituals that include mysticism, meditation, chanting, prayer, tai chi, and also swimming or living near water helps to soothe emotions and intensity.

You’re sensitive and need to be able to express your emotions without self-imploding or transferring your feelings into suspicion, jealousy, or inner rage.

Exercise is key. Rowing, boxing, using your mind to focus your emotional energy helps.


As I’m passionate about my life, I allow intimacy of body, mind, spirit

Notable Scorpio Rising Signs: Nicole Kidman, Napoleon Bonaparte, Clint Eastwood, Grace Kelly, River Phoenix, Marquis de Sade, Robin Williams, and Sigmund Freud.



The Moon sign is the connection to the mother, to feelings, and represents your ability to allow yourself to receive, to handle finances, and to share who you are on a visceral level.

Understanding your emotional self is important and helps you to harmonize your thoughts with your feelings so that you can bridge the gap between head and heart, between reasoning and intuition.

The Moon sign is often associated with the unconscious connection you have to your mother, and the feelings of influence that limit or support emotional expression.

Scorpio Moon, your feelings run too deep to articulate sometimes.

Early on, your relationship to mom created deep-seated feelings of anger or betrayal for her inability to protect you.

Or her inability to treat you with respect.

Or an extreme view of religion or sexuality.

It’s very likely that you were bullied by one of your parents.

You might have been abused emotionally or sexually.

You might have perceived mom as an emotional manipulator… or someone who had almost militant beliefs.

Or your feelings of anger were just too much to negotiate and scared you…

All of these possibilities might have left you with an unhealthy model or outlet for emoting.

You’re sensitive and need to feel safe on many levels to stand up to authority figures, to feel your anger then express in healthy ways.

When you’re able to tap into the wealth of feelings, beyond desire, rage, or immediate gratification, you’ll heal in profound ways and literally manifest at will!

You can use your sexuality to entertain, to heal the gap between religion, spirituality, and genders. (Female priests? Sexy, educational role models? Entertainers with cleavage AND a positive message for young girls?)

If you have trouble making money, imagine each emotion as a cell that can transmute your feelings of ‘lack of power’ (childhood, traumatic memories) into a surge of pure light, pure love. Your ultimate rebirth into loving power.

Once you release the ‘melodrama’ of the victim or perpetrator story, you open up and can become a powerful healing facilitator, redistributing the planet’s wealth.

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