Saturn’s entered the earth sign of Capricorn and will be there for the next 2.5 years. During that time, and especially if you have any Capricorn in your chart, you’ll feel it more in your knees, joints, teeth, skin, and bones.

Saturn represents structure, discipline, authority, brick and mortar buildings and industries (publishing, banks, education, law enforcement) type places.

Where can you become more disciplined and better organized to get the job done during this time frame?

How can you work out differently to support your bones and joints? Or how can you take better care of your diet to help you skin and teeth?

What can you do be doing differently to see powerful results and be known as the authority or expert in your field?

These are the questions to ask through December 19, 2020, when Saturn will then enter the constellation Aquarius.

Capricorn Sun, Rising, and Moon signs will feel this journey the most. You’ll be able to take hold of your past fears and limitations to release the past and embrace your powerful self and apply that to your ambitions.

During this time, the old and outdated will need to go to make room for the new.

More on this as the months progress

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