March 22 to April 15 2018 FORECAST

Mercury in Retrograde in Aries

What is a Retrograde planet? Here’s how NASA puts it…

Normally, the planets move west-to-east through the stars at night. This is referred to as prograde motion. However, peridiocally the motion changes and they move east-to-west through the stars. We call this retrograde motion. The retrograde motion continues for a short time and then the motion switches back to prograde. This seemingly strange behavior is easily understood within the context of a Sun-centered (heliocentricsolar system. The explanation for retrograde motion in a heliocentric model is that retrograde occurs roughly when a faster moving planet catches up to and passes a slower moving planet. There’s a pre and post phase with every retrograde planet. Always add 7 to 10 days before and after the retrograde dates.

Expect to find your limit.. or over-reach it. Expect the unexpected. Expect sudden flashes of brilliant solutions. Write them down or lose them to the ethers. 

Your Sun Sign is your theme. Your Rising Sign is your daily wealth, health, passion, and purpose. Read both for true results.


Venus, Uranus (you’re on us), and Mercury are all in your sign (or Rising sign).

Charisma, spontaneity, and sex appeal rule. Before you get ahead of yourself and invite everyone into your inner circle (or jump into unions better left alone), be discerning. Feel things through. (No eye rolling.)

Create real magic by allotting time for inner reflection and self-assessment. This is so key to your inner growth. I know you want to leap and skip, possibly hop along to every new adventure.

There’s ebb and flow, night and day. Then there’s you, expecting a continuous jolt of activity. Headaches, fevers, anemia, minor accidents or mishaps follow if you don’t take time for yourself. You might already be feeling the need for solitude. Honor those feelings. When folks come calling, remember… not everyone is meant to be your best bud. Nor is every idea a winning solution meant to be acted upon in that moment.

Focus intentions deliberately to create matter. Be okay with alone time and when Mercury in Retrograde ends (post April 15), you’ll feel renewed, even more ready to move ahead.

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Take extra good care of yourself. Your body needs something different than what you’ve been giving it. Perhaps a detox is in order, or to be revitalized with sacred vibrations, herbs, colonics, or specific medications.

You’re undergoing a huge transformation. Inspiration comes in all forms, but especially through Self-Love and self-care. Denying what you need goes deeper. Heal addictions with experts. Then meditate on what motivates you.

Practice your joy to create and impassion others. Check in with your inner compass daily through arcane arts, then be practical about your approach. You’re about to access your inner, masculine authority as much as your inner child who wants to have so… much… fun! You love to play so go play.

You might reconnect to your purpose through playtime, too. But be aware… being out of balance shows up as allergies, headaches, anemia, or impatience and bursts of frustration. Heed those moments and meditate.

Go back to the beginning of your earlier training to be present, intentional. Brilliant ideas await amid moments of play and work.

Those in-between moments illuminate your purpose, passions, progress, and potentials, but most of all, remind you that you are nothing more or less than Pure Conscious Love. Wow… what can you create from there?

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The group. Those friends and associates from your past, (and ideas about how to do things) might converge all at once, causing you to sound standoffish.

You’re able to see through the veil, the b.s., and go straight to the solution. Deep down you wish everyone would just get out of your way (or go away). Sparking words with concepts that enlighten and entertain get you noticed. Be careful of promising what you cannot deliver. You might feel burdened with having to create a new design for success.

Remember that you’re not the only one on this planet. Collaboration does not mean confrontation. (This is especially true if you have an Aries Sun, Rising, or Moon.)

Though, you might have to prove yourself or elaborate on your track record. If that’s the case, keep your erudite nature in check. Sometimes, allowing others to show you what they know vs you having to show what you know, will help you to harmonize all parts of you. This is a true test of letting go of being in control. Up for the challenge? Of course you are!

By April’s end, you’ll be offered a whole new ‘thing’ that sparks your interest.

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This Merc Retro brings out your annoyances with clients, employers, employees. But look deeper, what’s really going on is your frustration with their lack of insight into your talents.

A biz mentor might say, “Charge what you’re worth.” But if potential clients or vendors scoff at your value, you might wonder what’s going on. You’ll either be tempted to cave on your fees or integrity (say it isn’t so!), or get pissed at their lack of vision.

Major players (high end or high need clients, those who haven’t paid or who challenge your objectives), show up to help you solidify your position as an authority in your field. Keep a smile on your face. Put a positive spin on your outcomes beforehand.

Be receptive to possible resolutions. Seek to attain the highest and best without negative judgments. Above all, be the adult in the room. Stay firm on your principles and moral code.

This is a magical time. Trust. Visualize the end result with serene feelings.

Retrograde in the 10th house is your time to know, like, and trust your own worth before others can.

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So what have you learned thus far? Whether you’re in business or in school (of life) you’ve got to stand back now and assess your gains and losses. Where do you go from here?

Publishing is enticing, but might have to be put on the back burner so you can care for unexpected situations.

Putting out fires, managing contracts, spinning out of control?

Take some breaks and continuously realign your commitment to being as present with your goals as possible.

Be careful what you say, promise, or criticize now (in this Aries Mercury Retrograde) as you’ll incur the wrath of others or the backlash of instant karma. No, no one’s out to get you, but any rash actions, statements, or decision might create some chaos.

Take a knee. See the opportunities that others miss now.

You may be a ‘lion’ but it’s key that you maneuver like a cheetah (or a fish) to navigate through this period.

When you focus on being present, in a state of compassion, while being light on your feet, at least one (if not more) opportunities appear like magic!

Topics include: travel or foreign matters, education, public or legal involvement (causes, laws, justice), and catching a loophole that benefits you.

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Estate planning, inheritances, or past due bills are highlighted. Karma (not good or bad, merely a harmonizing of energy) is calling. If you owe someone something (cash, resources, attention, civic duties, an honest response) then this is when they show up.

A spouse or business partner might also be included. Their earnings or savings are in flux.

Keep a tight grip on credit cards and recheck passwords. Changing passwords in a Mercury in Retrograde might prove challenging, so think on this before you act.

You can protect yourself the most by being present. Any tendencies to negatively judge others comes right back at you.

You may not want to invest in any new projects or products, but previous investments come up for review.

This may be a time to cash in on something, research something better, and then reinvest your cash later April or May.

Another type of investment aside from insurance, 401K, IRA, etc, is your sensual energy. Not necessarily sexual, but how you allow yourself to feel physically alongside your levels of Intimacy: In To Me You See.

If you need a massage, get one. If you need counseling, intuitive or spiritual training or connection, go for it.

If you need consolation or comfort, allow that. Your sleeping dreams are big, holding clues to your spiritual center.

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Water issues, assessments, or inspections regarding home with drains, pipes, pools, hot water heaters. Or is it that you feel drained and suddenly develop a cough? You don’t really have to get sick to slow down, do you?

Your identity is changing. Your role is what you choose to make it. Reflect on your childhood and your mom, (or on being a mom). The connection needs to heal and be restructured so you don’t repeat the performance with your kids. Journal. Talk to close friends, family.

Release what doesn’t serve.

Create your ideal vision of family.

Now it’s time to confer with spouse, biz partners, cohorts, and clients. What’s the mutual goal? Where are you at odds?

You’ve got child-like enthusiasm or child-ish tantrums or expectations.

Find the middle ground and make your diplomatic magic, but assert yourself. Shy from controlling or taking on all roles. Not your job.

Mercury Retrograde in Aries, in the house of partnerships, indicates the time for you to stop vacillating on issues with partners.

Be direct, without being dictatorial.

Be assertive, without being demanding.

Be the solution to the issues that you feel are worthy of attention.

Promises made to partners during this retrograde become annoying tasks late April. If you make a promise, seek to deliver the goods before April 20.

The big plus side of this time frame is to lower your guard and have more fun with a partner or give your clients the royal treatment. Word spreads fast about your talents.

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First, double check medications, including herbs. If you feel sick because of them, stop or at least get many educated opinions.

Second, too much congestion is indicative of mental confusion as well as allergies, low resistance to germs, anemia, headaches, fevers or generally feeling run down.

Third, there’s a political or community focus that has you juiced (or riled). Fanaticism brings us back to the beginning. Your causes might tire you at the end of the day. Stop trying to do too much, so intensely.

Life’s a circle, but you don’t have to get dizzy. Care for yourself, then care for others.

Calculate the percentage of what you give daily to others, then to yourself. It’s okay to give a bit more every other day, but what about you? Harmony through thoughtful actions works best.

If you speed on the road, you’ll regret it. (Possible run in with the law, tickets, flat tires, overheating the engine.) 

Detours might be annoying, but they’ll give you time to reflect on how you react to life’s sudden right turns. (Or gridlock!) Turn the corner on aggravation and see the fun in it all.

Free your mind with meditation. Also, the moment you feel stuck, inhale deeply. Then jump up and down five times or burst into song or clap your hands loudly.

Neuroscientists call these actions, ‘pattern interrupts’ and attest to their effects on altering negative patterns.

It’s key that you follow up with a positive affirmation or action immediately following a pattern interrupt.

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This is one of the most romantic, creatively satisfying months. Plan accordingly. Use protection if you don’t want children. Or boundaries with grown kids (grandchildren?).

They may want to come over just when you were slipping into something more comfortable. But if that something more comfortable is an addiction, then you’re headed for a woeful month.

Any addictions or obsessive behaviors cause a huge rift in your family, and with your health. Be kind. Addictions can be addressed in healthy ways. (You might be addicted to a behavior or a person who’s addicted!) Reinvent yourself through play, love, inspiration, sharing, and lots of movies.

Sometimes the emotional state is so intense it pushes you to hide. Hence the addiction to work, too much play, controlling your kids, or to chemicals. Be as clear and sober as possible by naming your feelings, eating well, and expressing in new ways.

Art, exercise, learning computer technology, or adopting a more playful attitude. Dream lover might appear as if out of the mist, but remember to get a last name before committing to anything major.

This applies to clients and business partners, too. Sometimes, your inner voice says, ‘too good to be true,’ for a reason.

Yet also focus on your ideal vision in a partnership.

Construct a compendium of desired, healthy behaviors for you and them. Act as if. Create a values list and build what’s possible.

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Craving sugar or crunchy carbs lately? With this Aries Mercury in Retrograde, you might bounce between wanting a make-over (instantly) or recognizing the need for a more defined… healthier you.

Who are you now? Who would you like to be tomorrow or next month? As you work toward building a structure that represents the real you, make a list of what gives you absolute joy. Two to three things to start.

Then begin the architecture around those things. Possibilities excite you and you might say ‘yes’ to everything or everyone, but be prudent. Keep healthy boundaries in place. Before committing, pause. Breathe. Feel it through.

Your digestion, bones, teeth, skin, joints will be a clear signal about what needs to change and how. Digestion relates to large intestine and brain function. What are you eating? What thoughts throw you into a tizzy or into that joy?

Bones and joints are your physical structure and your inner stability. Do you feel supported? Flexible with ideas? Yoga, Tai Chi, grounding meditation combined with a few heart healthy walks and meals will boost your enthusiasm.

Don’t become a pushover in your own home! Say what you want, mean what you say.

If you get stuck, neuroscientists have proven that doing one or all of these things the MOMENT you feel negative or victimized, (followed by repetitive positive actions or affirmations) alters your brain. Clap hands five times. Jump up and down five times. Burst into song.

I’m a Capricorn Rising sign so I know exactly how you feel! I also know that if you meditate just a few minutes three times a day to make space… Wow… much deserved peace ensues.

Then what follows is in technicolor (or in emotional, conservative and simultaneously avant-garde black and white).

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Before you speak, feel your emotions and how they fuel your thoughts. Are they cynical? Do they negate you or others?

Are your thoughts scattered or unrealistic? Meditate for three minutes every hour to get clear. What’s really true for you? Once you erase the mental clutter, formulate a plan of expression. Write. Sing. Dance. Speak. Entertain or educate us.

Service at the sake of the self is denial and round the mulberry bush you go. Dream big. Act as if. The inner workings of your mind and your truest intentions are accessed much more easily now while Mercury is in Retrograde in the fiery sign of Aries.

You may want to bond more readily with people, siblings, or ideas that align with the real you. Someone may come up with a simple solution to an ongoing issue that’s perplexed you. Ah, was it that simple?

If you get confused about travel or a training course, rest your eyes and your mind for a few minutes every hour. Deep breaths. Be as present as possible. You may be overthinking things.

Also during this retrograde, especially when traveling, always check in with multiple sources for delays or altered travel routes and times as things might change suddenly.

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Finances, earnings, self-worth, and potential investments are on your mind. If you’re not working, then how does it feel to live off of your investments or to be supported? Are you eager to feel more productive? Earn more? Make wiser investments?

Or feel needed and useful? Now’s the time to ponder how to make a difference in your world. You don’t have to be a Mother Theresa! Contribute to family with energy, time, cash, or insights.

See where you can volunteer your services a few hours a week. You’re a valuable asset to your community. This is a terrific time to seek counsel for your finances as well as with emotions that elude you.  

When Mercury is retrograde in your self-worth/earning sector, ponder the opposite of how you typically view earning, income, money, and your relationship to having.

If you usually feel in control or in the know with finances, you may face insecurity or have the tables turn, and have to rely on others for cash. Or if you typically are the one who is supported, you might have an opportunity to take the lead and stand out.

The planet Uranus (you’re on us) is also in this sector, also in the sign of Aries. Expect a sudden turn of events with your self-worth and prospects.

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