February 2018 FORECAST

Solar Eclipse Feb 15 and Sun in Aquarius spotlight a masculine energy, impacting your world.
This vibe could last through March (or through September if you have Aquarius or Leo in your chart).

Technology and innovative thinking rule (or rue) the day. Be wary of extreme or controlling behavior.

Your Sun Sign is your theme.
Your Rising Sign is your daily wealth, health, passion, and purpose.
Read both for true results.


This month offers a chance to team up with the best, an expert, or a true to heart team player in business, technology, and innovative solutions. You might also make a new alliance whom you either usher to the top or vice versa.

The planet Uranus (you’re on us) is in your sign until May 15. Remember that the planets don’t do anything to you except indicate your natural timing. You’ve have lots of time to move forward with dreams (or if you feel stuck and frustrated, you’ll opt for impulsive actions).

Might be a great idea to use this month to make biz or project connections that will result in the big bucks when Uranus moves into your income, financial, and self-worth sector in May. Until then, be your witty and charming self. Prepare and upgrade all your technology to make space for the incoming opportunities.

Also a great time to make a friend or put yourself in healthy places where you can share your ideas and opinions… Book club, energy healing center, workshop, art class, computer class… like that.


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February shows you a remarkable contrast between struggling and optimal results when you upgrade and incorporate technology, then really learn how to use it!

Speaking as a Taurus Sun sign… I got a new computer for Christmas and I spent most of January getting upgraded with files, apps, lingo, to the point where I could vomit a terabyte! I lost a major file and became a well-known caller at Apple tech support. Here’s what else I Iearned… that my stubborn nature is to figure it out by myself until my Taurus Rising husband said, “Why? Call tech support and let them guide you through it.” I’m so duh. Lesson learned.

I also suggest using metaphysical methods (astrology, vibrational healing, lasers, biofeedback, chiropractors) to amp up your vibe to help you spread your unique ‘gospel’. This Aquarius Solar Eclipse will help you to harmonize your masculine energy (where you don’t override your own needs!) and usher in a masculine person to help you achieve your goals.

Sudden ideas and oppportunities come to you about how to earn extra cash or at least a better way to spend and invest your money.

You might feel burdened with having to increase your learning curve. Even if you love the subject matter or professor, the tech specs around learning (or teaching) propel you to new worlds and make your body ache! Oh the joys of awareness while perfecting your craft.

Coming Soon!

Work With Elaine... Eclipse Reward Reading


February is an exciting time that includes travel, higher studies, online advertising or promotion via tech gadgets, or by conveying lofty subjects in concrete ways.

Your beliefs alter every outcome so say what you mean, mean what you say. Wow. I don’t mean to sound like Dr. Seuss, but um, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Or how about, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” And of course, “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

Learning curves include technology and supplying coworkers, classmates, profs, or employees with solutions… sometimes before they even know there’s a problem!

Okay, for some Gems or Gem Rising signs, you’ll be focused on shoring up resources as well. Apply for as many grants and scholarships as you can (Cappex, Niche). Or for work study programs abroad. Publishing is key. Whether you’re writing a book or read a lot (hint) and discover new and improved ways to have your needs met, written or on line words are your new best friends.

Work With Elaine... Eclipse Reward Reading


Focus is on joint ventures, creating or updating online accounts (at home deposits, insurance matters, taxes, IRA’s, income, debt to income ratios). You may be eligible for newly established credits, classifications or bonuses. Consider consolidating debt and getting a secured loan. You use your own cash to up your credit scores by paying back your own loan with your own cash.

Using technology makes life simpler but can leave you vulnerable. Be diligent with updating passwords and firewalls.

Working with a spouse might prove challenging if you’re not on the same page about what you want and don’t want to do in biz. Have weekly meetings. This is the year you both completely overhaul or modify what you do for work and how you work together.

If single, you still have to work with partners, clients, vendors, or employees(ers) who might say one thing but do another. Help each other by listening well, then validating what you just heard.

This Solar Eclipse brings up a matter that deals with your spousal income, sexuality, and finding new ways to reach the ‘stars’ with your love and compassion.

Work With Elaine... Eclipse Reward Reading


February spotlights an important partnership. You may marry, land the big client, or make peace with a competitor or ex. This month can feel fated or timely.

Either way, get pro legal advice, think long term before committing. You’re still under the guise of the Leo Lunar Eclipse from January 31 (through at least September since there’s another Leo eclipse in July) so let go of the melodrama.

Release your wounded self by ending your judgments about what ‘they’ should be doing or should have done. Focus on what gives you joy and set up a solid structure of prosperity and fulfillment with that interested ‘partner.’

Even if you lose a big client, (or sadly, if a parent passes), remember that you’re cleaning emotional closets to make space for the new.

Mother is on your mind. Whether or not you spend time with her isn’t the main issue. Are you following in mom’s footsteps in business? And is it to your advantage? What are your expectations? Your desires? Ponder that while you feel inspired to create something new!

Work With Elaine... Eclipse Reward Reading


February helps you to consider vibrational healing methods to use or to offer to clients and patients. Science and mindset plays a big role with health and healing, and successful business and political outcomes, too.

Look up the latest research and data related to online metrics or neurological solutions to business problems. Dan Ariely, author of ‘Predictably Irrational.‘ Or anything by successful marketer Frank Kern. Or perhaps Ed Catmull’s ‘Creativity, Inc. Overcoming the unseen forces that stand in the way of true inspiration.’

This Solar eclipse highlights your health and wellbeing, at-home studies, ergonomics, Feng Shui, and incorporating higher technology or advanced machinery into your life and livelihood.

Uber instead of rentals or couriers? On-line banking? Skype sessions?

Your future looks bright with big, passionate ideas about what to do next.

Okay, so it might be a sobering time with romance or children, but there are cycles to everything. It might be great for you to join a club (anything of interest) to keep you from isolating. The purpose is not to find a new friend or lover, but to engage in, and then share, your joy.

Work With Elaine... Eclipse Reward Reading


February offers an unexpected getaway, much needed game night, romantic occasion, or innovative domestic solution. Maybe all of it!  Please, oh please, buckle up for safety if you don’t want children!

Too much technology, especially for children, keeps everyone up. But… temperance plus unique creativity equals a new you. Any children you have will show you a new way to get something done (or help you to get out of your busy, dizzying schedule). This applies to creative projects, too.

You’re looking at a lump sum of cash. Possibly an inheritance, raise, or hard-earned cash. What are the best ways to invest? What are your desires? Redecorate? Buy or sell real estate? Move all together?

Start scrolling through online resources to help you get a picture of the ideal situation for you and the family.

Maybe you’re having to deal with roommates who aren’t easy to deal with? Oh where’s that magical wand when you need it?

The best way to set healthy boundaries is by communicating with compassion… NOT when you’re pushed to the limit. That’s when sh*t hits fan and splatters back in your face. Eew.

Think of a solution before you even approach with a complaint! Then when you’re feeling neutral set up a time to have a chat and make your proposal when you know the other person isn’t stressed or on their way out the door.

Conversation doesn’t have to mean confrontation. You can always begin with, “I’m wondering how it would be if the couch was moved over there.”

Work With Elaine... Eclipse Reward Reading


February asks you to check all wiring, electrical and fire prevention systems, along with technology in your home…

The Amazon Echo, automatic garage systems, keeping wifi on all night. All of these conveniences might go haywire or tap your inner energy system. Be aware of your privacy and that those electromagnetic waves might be working against you. Especially if you’re feeling fried? Take a break.

Get lost in fun fantasy: binge watch a show or read all day, then nap. Recreate your ideal vision of house and family. With Jupiter, (planet representing expansion, publishing, foreign matters), in your sign (or Rising sign), you might feel full (or start to gain weight) but not to worry. The expansion doesn’t have to reflect in your waistline.

Take you talents and consider how to repackage them. Teaching, learning, reorganizing your thoughts, and coming up with what the people want (instead of what you’re trying to sell them) won’t be too hard when you apply tried and true systems and tactics. Model an expert in your field. No need to reinvent the wheel.

For those retired or not yet in the workforce… this might be the toughest time for learning something new because either it’s… well, new… or you feel like you’re too old. Nonsense. Limitations are born in the thoughts.

Free your mind with meditation. Also, the moment you feel stuck, inhale deeply. Then jump up and down five times or burst into song or clap your hands loudly. Neuroscientists call these actions, ‘pattern interrupts’ and attest to their effects on altering negative patterns. It’s key that you follow up with a positive affirmation or action immediately following a pattern interrupt.

Work With Elaine... Eclipse Reward Reading


February is your time to reinvent thoughts, write, speak, create products that offer insights, answers, and entertainment.

Mars is in your sign until March 17. The planet doesn’t make you do anything, remember this! However, your timing suggests that you have extra zing and umpf… (or how ever it’s spelled!) What will you do with it? Okay, sex is fun. Airplanes or motorcycles might not go fast enough for you at this time, either.

Listen up. The words you use must come from the heart, sound eclectic, but relate to methods that work in order to capture an audience. But if you use your zing to bully or ignore self or others, you’ll create awkward situations (possible fatigue and headaches, too).

If you’re a feminine Sag or Sag rising, you tend to spring to action, especially when opportunities arise. But do pace yourself so you don’t stress out your adrenals, hips, head, blood or eyes. Your body is part of the Earthly package. Revere it.

If you’re a masculine Sag or Sag rising, you might seek excitement, yet unconsciously await conflict with an authority figure, or negatively judge situations. Hm. Deep breaths. Who are you really fighting? What do you truly fear?

February’s Aquarian vibe is an Air element. You’re a Fire element. Put them together and you can create a powerful movement, project, or career advancement complete with supporters, clients, solutions, and cash!

Work With Elaine... Eclipse Reward Reading


February is a boost to your self-worth, your income, and ideas about deserved abundance. Pay very close attention to compliments and your immediate REACTION (not response) and how you invalidate yourself even when you’re being validated. And the wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round…

This specific moment in your psyche sabotages your progress. You’re not living in a Jane Austin or Charlotte Bronte novel… or staring in a dystopian movie.

The pressure you feel to measure up is too much! Por que?

Your bones, skin, teeth, joints, knees, hips, pelvis, reproductive system, hormones (oh my gaad, locusts, widespread dis-ease?) Take a knee!

You don’t have to prove yourself to matter. You matter because your matter is Divine. Period. So the moment you feel like a victim or burdened or woe is me follow a proven method to break the sabotoge cycle.

Neuroscientists have proven that doing one or all of these things the MOMENT you feel negative or victimized, (followed by repetitive positive actions or affirmations) alters your brain.

Clap hands five times.
Jump up and down five times.
Burst into song.

Plan for the future by being practical and equally innovative. Be deliberate. The big ah-ha always follows moments of Self-Love (those words are synonymous).

I’m a Capricorn Rising sign so I know exactly how you feel! I also know that if you meditate just a few minutes three times a day to make space… Wow… much deserved peace ensues. Then what follows is in technicolor (or in emotional, conservative and simultaneously avant-garde black and white).

Work With Elaine... Eclipse Reward Reading


February is electric with the Solar Eclipse in your Sun (or Rising) sign! Be extra kind to yourself especially the 13th  through 17th as you come to grips with extremes.

Give your body and mind what they need and your Spirit ignites with purpose and innovative inspiration for self and others. You shine with brilliant ideas, but might spread yourself too thin, so recharge!

Go easy on yourself. Especially if you’re in a hormonal phase or push yourself too hard. Eclipse energy is like getting a shot from the Cosmos… infused with stardust. You might feel overwhelmed, ‘high’, dizzy, out of control, amped up, invincible, or moody.

Breathe. Take it from neuroscientists… too much technology or television can shut down the brain, leaving you feeling antsy and impulsive. Exercise in gentle ways. Yoga. Pilates. Tai Chi. Walking. Stretching. Absolutely no extremes!

At least two long walks a day away from technology. Ah, where is that? A bunker deep in the earth of Utah? Well, do your best.

Oddly, boundaries equal freedom. Oh, see? When you set a schedule for accomplishments you get more done than you imagined. Who knew? This is the month for acupuncture, vibrational or chiropractic healing. Move some energy and align to your greater purpose.

Work With Elaine... Eclipse Reward Reading


February is your revelation month. Counseling, meditation, private time, coupled with vibrational healing (energy work, lasers, acupuncture, massage, intuitive sessions, chakra balancing, etc) takes you to a whole new level of awareness about consciousness.

Then comes the ‘what if’ thoughts that have limited you. Precisely why counseling is a beneficial adherent to energy work. Once you stir the embedded emotions and patterns in your body and mind, you can understand which parts of you keep circling the drain. From which point you implement a relatively easy and consistent pattern of self-LOVE. Be present. Allow. Follow your heart.

Sure if it were easy, everyone would be floating and manifesting cotton candy and cash at will. But it ought not be hard, either. There’s a mid-point where you adhere to a new and healthier concept, apply it in practical ways, then rinse and repeat. Eventually you’ll see results.

It works simply if you allow yourself to experience at least one new thing a day. Could be a new cuisine, model for excellence, or implement one new biz strategy, or perhaps experiment with one method to move you out of addiction, negativity, passive aggressiveness, or fear.

As we’re in the energy of both the solar and lunar eclipses… well… KNOW time like the present.

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