Okay, okay. “Breathe,” she says. “Be present,” she says.” But still! OH God! Sometimes it doesn’t stop. Nothing stops moving and I wonder where it’s going.”

I don’t have to ask if you ever feel that way. We’re all in this together. It’s like you sometimes sleep through your life.

But imagine waking up to a miracle. Imagine waking up from the doldrums feeling excited about your life!

First, you have to redirect the feelings of: 

  • Fatigue
  • Melancholy
  • Loneliness
  • Resignation
  • Frustration
  • Hopelessness
  • Heartache

Believe it or not… what helps to break up old patterns is the Drama we create in our daily lives.

The Drama can be healthy or unhealthy so let’s focus on the healthy drama.

Emotions feed on the Drama. Healthy Drama (manifestations, visualizations, a positive and optimistic attitude and interactions, being open to suggestions, and gratitude) is necessary to break up the patterns that no longer serve you.

When the Drama becomes MELODRAMA… the unhealthy drama… you’re sucked into a vortex of swirling emotional negativity. When Melodrama takes over your life, you accept it, fight it, and pray because of it.

Then Melodrama becomes the norm… but it’s not necessary. It’s not healthy.

But how do you change it? Do you even wish to change that feeling of regret, remorse, dullness, or loneliness? (Oh, how you do love those addictions!)

Let’s come back to the moment of awareness when you’re at your wits end—the melodrama you’ve created that makes you feel there’s no way out. 

If you’re paying attention, this is the moment that you’re ripe for a change.

The first question to ask yourself is…

If I could change something in my life right now, what would it be?
I wish my life were different. But what could I do differently so I could see a different outcome?

If the answer is, “NOTHING. There’s nothing I need to change,” and you’re still miserable, then you might want to stop reading and get on with your life. No judgments, blessings.

And I am sincere.

If you’re answer is “YES, there is something I’d like to change and it’s…”

Then there’s definitely, absolutely something you can do. 

Sit still. That’s it. Simply sit still for at least 5 minutes.

Right now. Sit still and breathe. Breathing creates awareness. Get in touch with the miracle that’s about to happen inside of you. Intuitively see what needs to change.

This is the first step in the Five Elements of Change.

The Five Elements of Change:

1. Awareness (see what needs to be different)
2. Willingness (allow yourself to make one small transition)
3. Commitment (act AS IF, and do something)
4. Honesty (be accountable. Know that it’s okay to have what you desire.)
5. Patience (be present with compassion)

You may ask, ‘What do I do when a memory surfaces about when I didn’t get something, or when a need wasn’t or isn’t fulfilled?’

Or ‘What do I do when I’m feeling fatigue, melancholy, lonely, resigned, or frustrated? What do I do to stop the feeling of hopelessness or heartache because of what I never got?

Sit still and encourage yourself to let it go through simple breaths. Inhale Light, a light feeling, and tell yourself that you’re doing a great job, or at least the best you can right now. 

Imagine a cloud that obscures your truth. Imagine that your breath blows the cloud away. It takes a few minutes to actually feel any differently, but be patient.

As you reconnect with your Body, Mind, Spirit… fill that space with a positive truth. That’s when the miracle happens.

You wake up.

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