Sometimes we cling to things and people as if our lives depended on them. I’m coming up on that time again as my husband takes our daughter to college.

Over the years, as I changed jobs, apartments, relationships, friendships, and even my own negative thought patterns, I’ve noticed something…

It’s so much easier to LET GO during a Mercury in Retrograde.

And here comes another Mercury in Retrograde, August 12 to September 5 (but we’ll feel it starting August 2ish to September 10).

At first I thought I wouldn’t have time to spend with her before she left. Silly, really, since my whole life has been centered around being with our daughter.

Then I remembered that we’re headed into a retrograde. Oh. That’ll be easier, I thought.

I’ll be easily distracted the moment she walks out the door and off to another state. I welcome the squirrel state of mind.

How Can You Use this Mercury in Retrograde to Your Advantage?

If you’ve got a pattern, person, or thing you’d like to release from your life as we head into this Mercury in Retrograde, ponder it now.

Remember that the planets don’t do anything to you, but you do exist in tandem with all of life.
You feel everything going on around you, whether you’re aware of it or not.

The upcoming Mercury in Retrograde (in Leo) is a time you’re more apt to:

Get lost in thoughts
Be mindless or distracted often
Go with the flow more
Enjoy hearing from long lost lovers, friends, and relatives
Less upset about people and things leaving your life.

Mercury in Retrograde starts August 12. So before the distractions and delays set in, here are a few things you can do to prepare ahead of time by getting some things done by August 2.

  • Back up computer data and pics
  • Clean up your phone 
  • Have tech repairs done by that time, too
  • Car maintenance/house repairs
  • Dentist or Doctor visits
  • Initiate new biz meetings by then
  • Sign important papers (if you can)
  • Establish healthy boundaries with clients and family
  • Sign up for classes or for legal meetings
  • Book vacation travel (ideally, a full month or more in advance of a Retrograde… less confusion later on.)

As always, I wish you peace, Elaine.

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