Life happens all the time. Drama, melodrama, births, deaths, weddings, tragedies, blessings, too.

Life is also accelerated during Lunar and Solar eclipse phases such as the one we’re about to enter in August.

I can already feel it. As I talked about in the last email, our daughter is moving to another state to go to college in less than a month. The undercurrent of emotion is already building in all of us. We’re excited for her, sad for us, excited for her, sad for us.

My husband and I are busy working on our joys, but still… our only child is leaving. 

People say, “Oh, this is great for her.” Or “She’ll be back.” Or “She’s not that far away, you can visit.” Or “Now you can spend more time doing what you want!”

Of course. All those things are accurate. Yet they don’t diminish the feelings and profound awarenesses of our collective and individual, momentous turning points.

For eighteen years (plus the 9 months during pregnancy) we lived as a triad, orchestrating our lives and developing ourselves because of each other.

I read an article not long ago about a wildlife photographer who was taking pics of a family of beavers. One day, papa beaver left to get more stuff to build for his mama and baby beaver. The forest was being blasted in that area and when papa beaver returned, his home and family were gone. The photographer wrote about the wailing sound that the surviving beaver made… for hours… while searching for his family. It broke his heart. 

Even though my family is healthy, in tact, I feel like that beaver.  So… big breaths… (I say to my Leo Moon), let’s focus elsewhere.



So what do YOU do when you need a fun distraction? 

Personally, I read up on celebrities. (Or shop online for shoes that I’ll never buy.) But mostly I like to hear what’s going on in the world of glam.

I thought since this might be an emotional time for some of you as you undergo your daily, weekly, or profound changes, we could take a look at how the eclipses might affect the people we hear and read about on tv and in magazines.

Well, if anything, it’ll be interesting for celebrities and politicians in the news. 

Full Moon Aquarius LUNAR ECLIPSE is on August 7.
The Leo Solar Eclipse is on August 21

(Vibes are from July through October. I’ll talk about Solar eclipse in a few weeks.)

Of course we can’t leave out the August to early September, Leo Mercury in Retrograde, either!

Aquarius and Leo, Sun, Rising or Moon sign… will feel these celestial events the most, but… you’ll feel it no matter who you are so take extra good care of your body, mind, and spirit connection. 

Leo energy is big, parental, emotional, defensive, protective, and translates into education, politics, or entertainment.

Donald Trump, Gemini Sun, (guided by Mercury) and he’s also a Leo Rising sign. This combo at this juncture puts him in the ultimate spotlight more than ever. People will demand truths from him. He’ll Tweet more, too. (Possibly with typos. Probably intel he ought not Tweet.)

Putin, Gemini Moon. What might he reveal or put into action? I’m all ears.

Barack Obama, Leo Sun, continues his work by developing The Center in the Southside of Chicago. Soon to be a facility with classrooms, labs, outreach programs and community projects to educate the youth of America.

Angelina Jolie, Gemini Sun. There’s always news here. Hope it’s great for her health and her children.

Millie Bobby Brown, Aquarius Sun (one of the stars of Stranger Things). Will she steal the show in the 2nd season? Or perhaps make way for new characters who shine in the spotlight?

Will Smith, Leo Rising. His Netflix original trailer for Bright has just been released.

Jennifer Lawrence, Leo Sun, just had a huge gala to promote her new Foundation to ‘assist charitable organizations that fulfill children’s vital needs.’ Click here to get involved

Politics aside, prayers out to John McCain, Aquarius Moon. This Lunar eclipse is a life altering, healing event.

Think you’ve heard it all? Never. Let’s see what happens between now through October. 

Well, don’t know about you, but I feel better with that bit of distraction. I know that I’m not alone. (And I didn’t even spend any money on shoes!)

As always, I wish you peace, Elaine.

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