Capricorn is guided by the planet Saturn

CAPRICORN is an Earth sign, stoic, ambitious, disciplined, poetic, cautious, spiritual, religious, dedicated, self-abusive, karmic, devoted, dry wit, comical.

The Mundane & The Esoteric


To truly understand yourself through Astrology, it’s important to consider the behavioral traits of both the Mundane: more earthly, lower self, ego driven—and the Esoteric: spiritual, compassionate, original.

When reading the following, keep in mind that you are a lovely mix—in differing degrees–of MUNDANE and ESOTERIC.

MUNDANE Cap, you’re a workaholic. But it’s fun for you to sit in the same position, ignoring your body’s needs.

You sometimes like to also cut corners and still come out on top.

You can appear cold and cutting, especially when someone needs your help.

If you’re hungry, but in denial over it, you’ll offer others a “get over it” attitude.

Your standards for perfection are impossible.

Oh my, deep down you worry, worry, worry until you wrinkle or go prematurely grey.

You take comfort in assuming the “emotionally absent parent” role in any relationship.

When you push yourself beyond those impossible limits, you fall from your own grace and become addicted to cigarettes, sex, chemicals, crunchy chips or others who are addicted… to distract you from your fears.

You need a hug, my friend. And a reminder that life is meant to be lived with joy, without fundamentalist restrictions.

ESOTERIC Capricorn, you have the discipline of a disciple.

Oh, wait. That’s where the word comes from! You love word origins, too.

You value the ritual and are dedicated to the structure of life, society, and the law (local and Divine).

You obey with respect. Everyone can benefit from your ancient, universal wisdom.

You’re the wise one who takes time to climb to the peak of perfection.

And the humble one who gives so others can live fuller lives.

Your sacrifices are meant to benefit the whole of the earth, but sometimes they mrerely fortify your unconscious belief that you’re undeserving.

You, like Mundane Capricorn, also need a hug. A big one. With big, sloppy kisses, and some chocolate.

Man! You’re a tough act to follow. Always learning, studying, working, toiling for the rest of the planet. One word for you my friend…


I know. You love to work. That IS your vacation.

Listen, once you stop beating yourself up for thinking that you’ve done something ‘wrong,’ you’ll lighten up.

You really know how to make the world laugh!



When Capricorn is on the rise, the planet Saturn guides the general theme of a person’s astrological chart.

Saturn represents karma, discipline, hard work, denial, structure, law, stop signs in life, authority figures, witticism, ancient knowledge.

No doubt about it…you harbor a dramatic wound that stops you from receiving.

When you discover that you’re so hard on yourself and debase yourself for feeling unworthy, you start to lighten up just a bit.

That’s when your talents for insights and humor spring forward.

There’s an echoing sense of being wrong or not fulfilling your spiritual promise or vow.

You’ve got the work ethic of a perfectionist and never cut corners. UNLESS you’ve reached your 11th hour.

That last minute rush sends cortisol and lightning bolts through you, jump starting every fiber of your being. That’s when you say you’re overwhelmed or need a break.

But by this time, you’re toast, then head toward smoking, drugs, carb snack, or sex (and lots of it), to quell your guilt for having gone beyond your threshold, and then for going to extremes.

Pace yourself. Eat well and cut out the sugar (carbs be gone) except for healthy veggies, protein, fats).

Of all the signs, you’re the hardest on your body.

See your Body, Mind, Spirit as your holy trinity on Earth!

You’re so amazingly meticulous when it comes to the details of your work.

You excel at teaching systems, psychological concepts, or spiritual ideals–any area that would help to perfect the functionality of a person or their approach to life.

You can easily make money through technology, the law, via computers, film, acting, writing, music, higher thinking, revolutionary ideals, and via spiritual and financial leadership roles.

It’s so key that you live in a place that feels like a sanctuary. Even if the walls are bare, if you feel at home in the space, you’ll thrive.

Like many other Capricorn Rising signs, you know what it’s like to work for someone else, (and you give them the sweat off your back), but you’ll thrive as an entrepreneur, making your own hours and agenda.

Home is absolutely where your heart is! Go there often.

You’re loyal in romance, if not a servant to your mate. You’d do best with a partner who is equally dedicated to you, and your cause.

You could sing, meditate, write poetry or novels and feel like you’re on vacation!

If you have children, you become great friends, offering a strong sense of security, order and beauty.

Your bigger challenge arises when you feel the need to be needed. If you’re not getting the attention you want at home, you might take on the needy or causes where your services are indispensable.

Boundaries are needed to stop this inclination and to dedicate your time and resources to communicating spiritual truths that support equality.

Be aware of the need to speak for, or control, your partner or friends.

Pull back a bit. Show others to trust that their needs will be met and you’ll get the message, too.

You don’t need to be ‘doing’ for everyone to be deemed worthy.

Service at the sake of yourself becomes denial.

Once you relax and stop being so hard on yourself for being ‘wrong,’ or ‘inadequate’ you start to lighten up and attract multitude of opportunities, that in turn help others.

Boundaries. Boundaries. Boundaries.


You exercise in fits and starts. It’s important to exercise a little each day to bridge the gap between the extremes, between you allowing yourself to take a break and feel good and working like a mule tied to a rope.

Mix up the routine so you don’t get bored.

Chiropractic, meditation, chanting, gymnastics, lunges, Yoga, tai chi, weights. (Running is not recommended as your vulnerability is in your knees.)


I love myself and trust that my needs are met.

Notable Capricorn Rising SignsSean Connery, Marie Curie, Queen Elizabeth l and ll, Jane Fonda, Sophia Lauren, Paul Newman, Anthony Hopkins, Ray Bradbury, and Elaine Marolakos Edelson.



The Moon sign is the connection to the mother, to feelings, and represents your ability to allow yourself to receive, to handle finances, and to share who you are on a visceral level.

Understanding your emotional self is important and helps you to harmonize your thoughts with your feelings so that you can bridge the gap between head and heart, between reasoning and intuition.

The Moon sign is often associated with the unconscious connection you have to your mother, and the feelings of influence that limit or support emotional expression.

Capricorn Moon—you have quite a defense system that translates into a tough Ego state.

Your motto is, ‘To deny the self until further notice.’

To alleviate the pressure that you put on yourself you might binge… smoking, drinking, drugs, sex without boundaries, or give to too many, too often plain giving too much.

Your relationship to mom is one of hardship and emotional burden.

You often felt responsible for mom’s struggles. This might have translated into attracting a very controlling mate later on in life, or difficulty making ends meet financially.

You’ll adopt the role as caregiver and lose yourself in the process.

Emotions are tough for you, even though you’re so very sensitive

Your feelings tare a reminder of guilt and inadequacy, even if you’ve given your all!

You’ll benefit most by emotion-freeing practices such as: standing on a trampoline and falling backwards, cinematic music, engaging in anger-release counseling.

Using Emotional Freedom Technique, chiropractic, music, writing will also help you lighten your emotional feelings of burden.

When your finances stall, look for denial of feelings.

You’ll either have enough money to get by OR it will have a deep and abiding relationship, but you won’t seem to allow both simultaneously.

Praise yourself. Lighten up on yourself. Breathe often.

When you’re ready to stop being corporal and allow feelings to move through you, releasing guilt and self-punishment, you’ll attract enormous wealth and romantic intimacy.

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