Cancer is guided by the Moon

CANCER is a solo act. Quiet, sometimes withdrawn, team players, and nurture through silence, finances, food, the law, writing, and women’s and children’s issues.

The Mundane & The Esoteric


To truly understand yourself through Astrology, it’s important to consider the behavioral traits of both the Mundane: more earthly, lower self, ego driven—and the Esoteric: spiritual, compassionate, original.

When reading the following, keep your sense of humor. Every sign is a lovely mix of MUNDANE and ESOTERIC.

MUNDANE Cancer is so sarcastic you’d think they were Scorpios out for revenge.

You’re often aloof, communicate sideways or defensively, or get snippy to get your way.

You can be adept at manipulating people’s emotions this way, too.

When you feel threatened, you’re sling sarcastic or judgmental comments that can sting like pinchers on a crab!

Too many times you wind up policing others’ activities to stay in control.

Please heed the need for rest, alone time, and silence before you get to that sassy place. Others need your expertise!

It’s time to learn how to ask for help. (It doesn’t mean you’re incompetent!)

ESOTERIC Cancer… the consummate parent.

You’re soothing to the person with an over-worked mind or a wounded spirit. You’re quick-witted and fight tenaciously for humane causes.

You’re extremely creative (especially in the culinary, artistic, and financial worlds) because you can unconsciously intuit what everyone needs.

Sometimes you take on too much, believing that it’s your job to nourish and nurture.

Wow are you great at magnetizing abundance or what?

Once you realize that it’s healthy—and just plain okay—to express your feelings VERBALLY, and without justification, you’re less defensive and can share who you are…

…with a lot less nervous energy.

It’s your empathy and sensitivity that can overwhelm you, causing you to appear aloof or stand-offish.

Humor and water are terrific remedies for your overworked feelings.



When Cancer is on the rise, the Moon guides the general theme of a persons astrological chart.

The Moon represents feelings, emotions, connection to the mother, how you express, your ability to allow abundance and prosperity.

Cancer Rising, you’d prefer to be removed from interpersonal experience. It’s just too much for you to feel.

You might hold in your more uncomfortable feelings and start to gain weight.

If you’re feeling too much and don’t have a filter, it’s okay to retreat for a while to find your center. Once you release the intensity of feeling too much, rejoin the world and show them how much you care by responding.

You love humor and laughing with your friends, but you can also come off as moody with sudden and irrational temper tantrums.

You might find that passive aggressive tones, sarcasm or aloof behavior feels more protected, the ‘safer’ way to communicate.

Although this can aggravate situations where people are asking for your direct involvement. The more you pull away from others, the faster they push you for responses.

Your health might be compromised if you hold it all in. This is when vaginal, cervical, breast, uterine and stomach difficulties arise.

Instead of pacifying your emotions with sugar or dairy, give yourself small treats and then exercise to move the electrical currents of life out of your body. Swimming, yoga, hiking, running, biking, even kick-boxing will bring you back to center.

Sometimes when you feel out of control emotionally, you attempt to control your environment.

If you start to attract angry situations, causing you to be defensive, it’s a sign that you might be harboring anger, resentment or simply overstimulated.

It’s important for you to stop acting from fear and start looking at your relationship to your father. There’s a definite lack of communication between Cancer Rising sign and the masculine parent regarding anger, betrayal, invalidation, and frustrated emotions.

Seek a communion with your deeper feelings and you’ll soon open up the flow in all areas of life, especially with romance, intimacy, and finances.

You seek connections to the family or to larger organizations that offer security and a sense of purpose.

You want to champion women and childrens causes, and will go the distance to see justice done.

Many times, your financial matters develop around humanitarian aims, lending assistance to women, children, educational matters, technology: video and film making, writing, radio, television, computers, entertainment.

Your greatest security is discovered with groups that help others find emotional, financial, and physical security.

It’s crucial for you to create harmony in the home with esthetically pleasing furnishings.

Living in nature, or close to it, helps you to successfully dump the world’s excessive negativity from your body and mind to find inner peace.

Water features are recommended–spas, fountains, ponds, as well as green living.

Romance can be a deep and profound experience if you allow intimacy with another. I’m not talking about sex. In To Me You See. Intimacy!

It’s key that you not judge the methods by which you create inspiration or the way in which a woman becomes pregnant or terminates pregnancy (or the methods of parenting that do not include childbirth such as fostering or adoption.)

Sometimes the inability of Cancer Rising sign to bear children becomes an extreme Pro Life campaign. So be aware.

One of your many talents is your written legacy to the planet. Perhaps a book or documentary focused on harmful societal principles and how to replace them with positive plans of action for the children of Earth, who’ll eventually become the gateway to future generations.


Meditation, cooking, studying finances, volunteering with children, jogging, hiking, Yoga, Tai Chi, and bicycling assist you in moving electrical energy in your body.

Science-based techniques (biofeedback, virtual experiences) help you to smooth out your sensitivity, too.

You can bet that sugar and dairy cravings are another way to protect your feelings. So be wary of indulging too much. (Also keep in mind that pasta, rice, crackers, and grain carbs are another form of sugar!)


As I feel and share, I connect to the deepest levels of joy.

Notable Cancer Rising SignsJulia Roberts, Gary Oldman, Fergie, Stephen Spielberg, Angelina Jolie, Ben Affleck, Stephen King, Francisco de Goya.



The Moon sign is often associated with the unconscious connection you have to your mother, and the feelings of influence that limit or support emotional expression.


Cancer Moon—you’re very attached to mom from pre-birth.

The perception of mom is that she’s overwhelmed, possibly a victim, and/or angry and at least—an overachiever.

By an early age you might start emulating mom’s behavior in an attempt to bear her burdens. This makes it difficult for the you to feel safe when feeling or hearing anger.

You might set up a protective space and minimize another person’s anger by ‘checking out emotionally’ or laughing.

This tends to leave you attracting masculine or wounded women (for whom you feel the need to care for or protect).

When you’re ready to feel your feelings deeply, you can be the most tender of caregivers without giving up yourself in the process.

The key is a lot of alone time to feel things through.

Its crucial that all healing of body and mind be done though your awareness of early years and associations with mom. How mom reacted to dad or how mom expressed her anger or how mom took care of herself.

If you’ve got a Cancer moon and feel insecure, you’ll look to the maternal parent to heal the wound (or blame them for it).

If there’s no communication between you and mom, see if you can feel your defensive nature first, then open your heart.

Letting down the defensive walls makes it easier for you to allow a full range of feelings, then help you to stop apologizing for those feelings.

Playing music is a wonderful way for you to unlock protected emotions.

Remember that you need alone time to process what it is you’re sensing and feeling before you make decisions.

Writing exercises about the attachment to mom (and needs from mom) can effectively reverse negative memories, as can Neuro Emotional Technique.

Your need to care for plants and animals is strong, too.

Your financial dealings become sharp, especially as you learn to make peace with your emotions.

Self-Worth = Abundance (that means cash, too!)

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