It comes down to this…

If you really want something, then act as if you already had it.

I know, that sounds so corny, trite, even pedestrian.

Let’s say you imagine wanting to be a pilot. Can you see it? Feel it? 

Do this daily and you can pretend it into being!

Here’s what I know about energy and your brain…

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between real or imagined.

When you think and feel, your energy and frequency resonates that vibe, bringing more of that into your world.

So you might say, “I want more money, because I don’t have enough.”

The wanting creates a Chasm between wanting and having in your brain, and in your energy field.

When I say ‘act as if’ you had more money, I don’t mean to start charging expensive things on your credit card. This has NOTHING to do with material things.

This is all about your frequency and your thoughts that create your frequency.

The energy you emit feeds the chasm, the divide between wanting and having.

Got it? 

So act as if by saying (in the money scenario) “I’m so blessed to have everything I need and want. I’m so grateful for all the money I ALREADY HAVE.”

Remove the words ‘not enough’ from your brain and you’ll resonate the frequency of abundance and more opportunities will come your way.

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