Happy Birthday Leo…


Ever wonder about the best way to interact with each astrological sign (and Rising sign)?

Wonder no more.

Here are the TOP 5 Things NOT to Say to a Leo (or a Leo Rising sign).

1. It’s not always about you. 
Right… if you’d like to watch your Leo explode with defenses, say that. 

Like the sun, Leo’s are bright energies, that on some level, would like to be the center of everyone’s universe … because they really do care and want to help you. (Even if you’re not asking!) 

Some Leo’s (especially Leo Rising signs) are used to having people orbit their world. It’s not a negative thing. It’s more about Leo understanding that in order to reach the world, they must interact with it, not demand or expect from it.

It’s so very key for a Leo to give as much as to receive … (and without expectation).

Once they learn this by doing this, Leo has the potential to become great entertainers, fantastic educators, outstanding parents, and business leaders, and are in the limelight! (Or are at least humbly appreciative.)

 2. Give me the keys, I’ll drive. 


Leo likes to be in control. They like to direct traffic, too. That’s because they’re tremendous leaders and can shed light on your situation in life. If your Leo is willing, tell them that you’d love to pamper them on a night out … (they’ll adore you for that).

Then blindfold them as you escort them to the passenger side of the car. They might feel a bit out of control and start to give you orders, but remind them that you’re helping them to RECEIVE…which is so necessary for their big, generous hearts. 

But don’t be surprised if they tell you how to drive or which street to turn down even while they’re blindfolded … because, ya’ know … they do know best. 🙂

3. Woops. We forgot to invite you to the party.

Are you crazy? Don’t ever say this! Leo’s hate to feel left out!  Make them party coordinator (head of the household or president of the company) if you care about them. 

You need to remember that they wound easily but don’t always show it. Except perhaps one dramatic death stare or stink eye. (Actually, it’s really hard for them to make eye contact when they’re feeling wounded.)To help Leo show their emotions, beg for forgiveness and let them go on and on about how hurtful you are and how it’s your fault. 

Then when you can’t take the reprimand anymore gently woo them out of their resentment cave and make eye contact … EYE CONTACT shows them that they matter. They need to feel that they are enough.

Tell them that in those words, “You ARE enough and matter so much to me!” (Then offer them your first born.)

 4. Let it go, will ya’? 

Okay, I said it in number 3 … Lemme use different words–Leo’s take everything personally because in order to understand something, they have to relate it to themselves.

So if you do something insensitive to your Leo buddy, they’re going to want to lash out at you, BUT WON’T. Instead they’ll hide in their cave and that’s because they’re holding onto (and licking) their wounds until … matter and antimatter become one, leading to an …. explosion … epiphany? (Yeah, we like the second one better.)

As soon as Leo allows their feelings and their deepest expression in a safe place, without putting a hold on their emotions, they can let it go a little at a time.

Conversely, if Leo is inadvertently insensitive with you, wow … they feel so so so bad and hang onto trying to make it better.

You see, to ‘let it go,’ Leo unconsciously feels everything that was ever felt and releases that explosion it into the world. But the LAST THING they want to do is cause harm (and feel crappy while doing it). I know, it’s dramatic, but hey! This is why they make great actors, comics, healing facilitators, leaders, and educators … because they can relate!

Oh … back to letting it go—healing modalities such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Network Chiropractic (energy level chiropractic) and emotive counseling do wonders to help Leo get to the many layers of feelings.

And in a flash, they let it go and you’re forgiven … (and another Tennessee Williams play is born.)

5. I already told you I liked it. How many times do you need to hear it?

Wow. If you’re even saying this to your Leo you don’t understand them at all. Think about a Lion who’s got a thorn in his paw. They may sound fierce, they may look tough, but inside, they’re just calling out for someone to nurture them! Why don’t you know this already? Can’t you read their minds? 🙂

Tell them over and over again that THEY MATTER and that THEY ARE ENOUGH. If you know a Leo, Leo Rising Sign, or Leo Moon sign—the MOMENT you see them compliment them. 

Praise them (and watch how many of them can’t take it in because receiving is such a delicate and personal matter for them). 

They may not always have patience for their mushy feelings. They may not always be sensitive to yours (because it reminds them of their own feelings). But if you’re honest with them, care for them and nurture them, they are your champion and fan for life. Nice deal.

Oh … back to letting it go—healing modalities such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Network Chiropractic (energy level chiropractic) and emotive counseling do wonders to help Leo get to the many layers of feelings.

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